See what Buildertrend’s new Files refresh has to offer for your construction documents

Buildertrend’s updated Files system will help simplify your documentation and construction management.

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Accurately storing job files and documenting progress are imperative in construction management, especially when you have multiple projects happening at any given time. Buildertrend recently strengthened one of its most popular tools to help customers manage their construction documents, photos and videos.

“While being one of the most-used areas of the program, Files is also the area with the most growth opportunities, particularly in the areas of design, user experience and workflow process,” said Shaun Williams, staff product manager on the Product Engineering team. “We believe this refresh will align the Files feature with other document storage sites and remove frustration.”

What was the main motivation for the refresh of Buildertrend’s Files system?

The Product Engineering team interviewed customers and learned that many of their frustrations about the feature came from a lack of clarity and slow load times when uploading and reorganizing files. The refresh aims to solve these issues while empowering users to confidently implement and store their construction documents and other files within Buildertrend.

“As a heavily used area of Buildertrend, there was a real opportunity to help our customers by beginning to leverage our updated technology within the Files feature,” Shaun said. “We are excited to take some significant steps toward an intuitive, streamlined experience that feels simple.”

The main goal of the refresh is to showcase a modernized Files design and workflow that makes document storage as easy as a right click. Users should feel more comfortable with the new functionality, as it works like other digital document storage sites.

What are the biggest updates our customers can expect with the Files refresh?

The newly refreshed Files feature makes it easier than ever for our customers and their teams to upload and store construction documents, photos and videos. The updated experience is smoother, faster and more streamlined file management.

These updates focus on a user-friendly experience and design that reflects more standard and familiar file management processes.

  • Files search bar: The convenient search tool has been added to more areas within the Files feature allowing customers to search within documents, photos and videos. Users can now quickly find the files they are looking for within all of their Buildertrend folders. This update ensures efficiency and reduces the number of clicks
  • Simplified upload modal: Uploading and sharing files will now be more comfortable and intuitive than before with the refresh. The new functionality includes a 360 uploader with reduced visual complexity and an experience that feels similar to other digital document storage platforms.

Drag to upload

  • Drag and drop: This added capability enables users to drag files straight from their desktop to upload into a specific folder. Drag and drop can also be used to move files already saved within Buildertrend into other folders. As you continue to develop your files system, it’s easy to move things around.

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  • Tile and Table view: New formatting allows users to set their own preference of how they view their files. They can now choose between a square image view and the table view or list format, which is more consolidated and shows more files at once.

tile view reorder

  • Right-click actions: For the first time, the right-click option is available within the Buildertrend platform. The new right-click menu added with the Files refresh allows users to access actions and checked actions with a single click.

Right click actions

Check out these updates and more now live within Buildertrend’s Files management system.

Effortlessly store and share your construction files

With everything we do here at Buildertrend, we know there’s always room for improvement. Whether it’s feature redesigns or product updates, our end goal remains the same: to provide the best possible experience and continued success for our customers.

If you’d like to learn more about the Files feature refresh or have questions about the updates, feel free to reach out. We’d love to chat. Or if you’re ready to take the next step for your business and think Buildertrend could help with your construction management, schedule a demo today.

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