Facebook ad mistakes your company could be making

Advertising on Facebook is great – it’s easy to learn and it’s easy to control your cost. But with that ease of use, comes the opportunity to make mistakes. For the best results, make sure your construction company isn’t making any of these mistakes when setting up Facebook Ads:

No goals or point.
If you don’t have a goal or end result in mind, how are you going to know if your campaign was successful? Before you start a campaign, you need to have an end goal in mind. What are you trying to accomplish with this specific campaign on Facebook? Luckily, a great thing about setting up Facebook Ads is that it will prompt you to choose the goal of your campaign, whether that is page likes, website clicks, etc.

Too wordy.
Many of us are guilty of being long-winded, but we all have to realize that Facebook Ads are not the place for a whole paragraph of text. You have a short period of time to hang on to the person looking at your ad and get them to take action so you need to get to the point quickly!

Wrong images.
The overall appeal of your Facebook Ads relies heavily on the images that you use, so you definitely need to make sure they are the right size. If it’s too large, it will be sized down or potentially cut off. And if it’s too small, it will be stretched which will make it look distorted. Be sure to do your research before and figure out the right dimensions before you start the ad process. To contrast Facebook’s blue and white display, make sure your images have nice pops of color to really make them stand out!

Going overboard.
When setting up Facebook Ads, try not to go too crazy. Running multiple different advertisements at one time is okay, but you should try to target them to different groups of people. If too many ads pop up on people’s feeds, you run the risk of losing them as prospects. Keep an eye on the analytics of your advertisements and if you notice that engagement is decreasing, change things up!

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