A day in the life of our Customer Success team

They’re the ones our customers rely on for unlimited support. The problem solvers. The teachers. Buildertrend superheroes ready to save the day faster than a speeding bullet.

They are … drum roll, please … the Customer Success team!

Each and every member of this award-winning team works tirelessly to find our customers a better way to run their business. And the more this department grows, the more committed they’ve become to our clients and the belief that even the best can get better. They’re handling hundreds of calls a week, training users through the life of their account and still finding time to have a little fun along the way.

Phew. That’s a busy bunch. So, how do they do it all? It’s a mix of pure ambition, our collaborative culture and a little – OK, a lot – of coffee.

But don’t just take our word for it. See them in action with this glimpse into a typical day for the leading construction project management software’s Customer Success team.

8 a.m.

This is the start of something awesome – another day to take any Buildertrend user from beginner to boss. But awesomeness needs fuel first. A quick run to the office coffee machine, refills of water and breakfast munchies from the company cafe commence the day.

Amid sips and bites, back at their desks, the team of nearly 200 pull up their accounts and start to dive in. Reviewing notes. Analyzing customer progress. Outlining what comes next. Our reps don’t just hop on a phone. There’s a secret to their success – preparation. Lots and lots of preparation.

9 a.m.

Reps are getting on calls, with many of them already wrapping up their first training session of the day. Logan Johnson is one of those people jumping into their second session. She’s an Onboarding Specialist I, meaning she helps clients throughout the first 90 days of using Buildertrend. This period is critical as builders become accustomed to the system.

Separate roles on the Customer Success team are focused on helping clients past this 90-day benchmark with inbound support, setting up trainings, account management and integration of value-added services.

“We get to know clients really well on a personal level,” Johnson said. “We take on the role of a consultant for them. Through effective and efficient trainings, our job is to lead them on a really good path to success.”

Customer success team

Logan Johnson, Onboarding Specialist I

10 a.m.

Most of the day, every day, this team is on the phone or in their inbox interacting and helping Buildertrend customers. However, meetings are sprinkled into the schedule here and there to help get everyone on the same page. This morning’s meeting is with the entire Super Team.

There are five Super Teams at Buildertrend (each one with fun, sporty names like The Royals and The Cowboys) that integrate members of the Customer Success and Sales departments to provide a seamless and specialized customer experience.

In these meetings, metrics are shared, new features are reviewed and big wins are celebrated.

11 a.m.

Some are back on the phone and others are diving into their inbox. When a rep isn’t directly on a call, recording notes from one that just wrapped or preparing for another training, they’re emailing other clients to see if they can book time with them. They’re also sending documents and videos from our Help Center as further support. After all, unlimited training is all included with a Buildertrend account. It’s all about helping users implement the right features at the right time.


It’s lunch time! A group of Customer Success reps hit the breakroom to enjoy a favorite company perk – the cafe. And today is burger bar, so the line has been strong since opening 30 minutes ago. Bon appetite!

1 p.m.

It’s back to work, back to finding a better way for our customers. Remember that collaborative culture we mentioned before? Well, it’s evidenced here as reps use workplace chat software to share tips and tricks. There are even documents with self-prescribed best practices that reps take the initiative to create themselves. Yeah, that’s shared here, too.

It’s all about winning together as one team.

2 p.m.

It’s now Johnson’s fifth call of the day. Some days, reps will have as many as seven or eight. It’s all in effort to provide as much help as possible to our customers.

“No customer is the same. No situation is the same, so the days go by really fast,” Johnson said. “It’s great to be that support for customers at different stages in their Buildertrend journey.”

As she hops off the session near the end of the hour, some team members are coming back from a short ping-pong break and another rep zips by on a scooter.

3 p.m.

Beyond meetings with entire Super Teams, just Customer Success reps will also gather for roundtables. Here’s where even more tips and tricks are shared. These are specifically helpful for new team members as it seems the department is always growing. But even Buildertrend veterans may walk away with a new method to find wins for their customers.

4 p.m.

It’s the happiest of hours! No, seriously. It’s happy hour here at Buildertrend. Cold beer is on tap and bottles of wine are shared among coworkers.

This time is about more than just sharing a drink with coworkers. For Customer Success, since they are on the phones for a good portion of each day, this is their chance to meet others in the company.

“It’s great ending the day getting to see others from different departments” Johnson said. “It helps me to understand more of what they do or casually learn about different services. I can then share that knowledge with customers.”

All in a day’s work

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s our Customer Success team! They’re a huge reason we were named the #1 Best Place to Work in Omaha for a second consecutive year.

Thinking of joining the super squad*? View open positions here.

*No superhero capes required to apply.


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