How to create standard operating procedures with Buildertrend

Up your game in construction management with standard operating procedures that will save you time and money

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As a construction pro, you know that the secret to achieving project goals is being able to keep jobs on track, avoid delays and meet deadlines. Creating and implementing routine processes for yourself and your team, is a great way to set your construction business up for continued success.

See how you can use construction tech like Buildertrend to create standard operating procedures that will help you maintain collaboration and productivity in the office and the job site.

Streamline your pre-sale and job input processes

Capturing potential clients, managing your pre-sales process and efficiently transitioning leads to active jobs is key for supporting a successful construction business.

Buildertrend has everything you need to manage your leads and win their business without slowing you down. The sales side of the platform includes features like Lead Opportunities, Activities and Proposals. These features help to create standard operating procedures that closely monitor the ongoing status of your leads. From initial interaction to sending a proposal to landing the job, you’re able to keep track of it all.

And once you’ve landed a new home build or renovation project, it’s easy to convert from lead to active job located on the project management side of the platform. With Buildertrend, you’ll be able to secure more jobs while maintaining productivity.

Create clarity with efficient communication

Communication is an essential component to construction management. Effective messaging features and real-time updates are must-haves when it comes to implementing standard operating procedures and managing your jobs. Open communication ensures you, your team and your subs are always informed of progress or setbacks.

Being able to clearly communicate with your team and subs is everything. Buildertrend has several in-platform communication tools that help to keep projects in motion. Using features such as the Schedule, To-Do’s, Daily Logs, real-time Comments and Messages will keep everyone on the same page and create consistency on all projects.

Effectively track and manage project timelines

Another standard operating procedure for construction management is maintaining an up-to-date timeline on your schedule. The Schedule within Buildertrend is one of the most popular and implemented features. It keeps your field crew on track and allows your office team to coordinate with the production schedule for each job.

Schedule items can be linked together making quick timeline updates easy and efficient and all dependent schedule items and tasks will be shifted accordingly. You can also sustain effective communication by linking To-Do’s to schedule items. The Schedule will act as a source of truth for the duration of each job and keeping it updated will cultivate order in the field and office.

Save time with templates

We’re big fans of templates and here’s why. Next to data entry, templates are one of the biggest time savers for our clients and are critical when creating these procedures for your team. By creating templates, you’ll save yourself from having to start from scratch every time you start something new.

Templates are easy to use and can be built within nearly every feature of the Buildertrend platform. Whether it’s a schedule, job settings, bid packages, client selections or purchase orders – you can template it.

Manage all files and documents from one place

Buildertrend offers unlimited, cloud-based storage, which allows you to keep all documents, files, photos and videos organized. Making documentation and file management part of your  procedures will ensure all your important information is stored in one place and can be accessed quickly with specific folders within each job.

Being able to access to your files at a moment’s notice is not only crucial for construction management, but it also guarantees you’re prepared in the event of a dispute.

Keep your clients informed throughout the process

Homeowners want to be involved in the process of building or renovating their homes. And by using Buildertrend’s Customer Portal as part of your procedures, you can allow them to log in and view the content you’ve shared with them.

You can share files such as photos, videos and important documents. You can even request signatures and require selection choices to keep them involved. Any information you share on the Customer Portal will remain for the duration of the project, so your clients can access and refer to it at any time.

Create standard operating procedures with Buildertrend

Buildertrend makes it easy to create and implement procedures that simplify processes and promote collaboration. To learn more about how these tools can ensure the success of your construction business, schedule a demo today!

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