Buildertrend has a new logo!

This is an exciting time at Buildertrend. We’ve experienced record growth over the past several years, and we’re not slowing down. In this period of growth, we sought to develop a brand strategy to match this incredible momentum. One that aligns with our mission, vision and values. One that is also reflective of our human experience at Buildertrend, which is built on a culture of accountability, transparency and a never-ending drive to be better. In short, something heroic.

Why now?
Cloud-based software is now the norm in the SaaS industry, and using an actual cloud as a symbol to represent our software is no longer relevant or necessary. We’ve simply outgrown our cloud logo, and it’s time to say goodbye to an icon that served us well during some of our best years. Buildertrend has matured, is evolving every day, and so must our brand.

You may be wondering if we’ve been acquired, or if we’re changing our software. The answer to that is simply: no.

Our brand promise
The software we create is transformational for our customers’ businesses and their entire networks of staff, customers and sub-trade partners. Inspired by our insatiable drive to be better, we are proud to announce our new brand promise: A better way. Buildertrend provides a better way for our customers to run their businesses, a better way for their customers to experience the construction process, and a better way for us to work and live.

Status quo is not acceptable for us. Buildertrend will never stop trying to be better. Period. That’s the big idea here, and we promise you’ll see this prevailing theme in all our brand expressions moving forward.

Reflecting culture in our brand
Buildertrend is led by three highly-engaged founders, who show up and work among us every single day. Dan Houghton, Jeff Dugger and Steve Dugger have set a stage where hard work is rewarded, work-life balance is celebrated, and having a good time is not just for the weekends. We are driven by a desire to make our jobs—and construction project management—more fun, more enjoyable and more rewarding. We felt this belief system is something that our brand should convey. As a result, our new logo, colors, fonts and tone of voice are bold and hard-working, with a touch of playful.

Now about our new logo…


Buildertrend blue
When it comes to our brand identity, we’ve built a solid reputation and have gained trust with a few attributes—also known as brand equity. We consider these untouchable. Therefore, our name, Buildertrend, remains. Our color blue also holds tremendous power, so we’re doubling down on it. We deepened the primary hue to reflect the wisdom we’ve gained since our founding in 2006. The original cyan still lives as a secondary color, a nod to the team and customers who brought us this far. You could say the cyan in our identity represents our past and our future… the untapped frontier we are forever seeking to explore. Our drive to improve, to refine, to master, is relentless.

Our icon and wordmark
Our icon is the new workhorse of our branding, and communicates incredible amounts of meaning.

  • It’s an abstract representation of a longtime nickname that we use internally: BT. Even our customers have started to pick up on it, so we’re making it official. Hidden within the ascender of our b icon is a t. See it now? Representing the lighter side of our logo identity, it’s the playful and techy sidekick to our bold wordmark.
  • The shape of the b is a tribute to our past logo identity, which featured a lowercase sans serif b.
  • Take a look at the negative space within the icon. We call that the notch. It’s formed by a forward slash, which is a common character found in many coding languages (we’re a tech company after all). You see it in web addresses, which take you to a desired place, or outcome, much like our software. That slash is always moving forward and demonstrating progress. Oh, and it’s tilted at a 14-degree angle to commemorate our rebrand launch during our 14th year of business.
  • But wait, there’s more. That notch is also a screw head, and in many ways brings the icon to life. It hearkens the shape of a slotted screw head, a true original, and another symbolic gesture to the industry we serve and how we operate. The movement is predictable, it’s constantly in motion, and always ready to provide strong support.

Our wordmark, supported by a sturdy and trustworthy font, balances our approachable BT icon and announces with confidence: We’ve earned our stripes, and we’re here to stay. And we don’t mean to shout with those all caps letters, we’re just proud.

We hope you like our new visual identity! This is just the first look, and an introduction to our goal of creating a more consistent brand experience for our customers. Soon you can expect more exciting updates, including a new look and feel to our software.

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