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If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth?

The answer: 1.8 million words per minute.

Seriously. According to the study, “How Video Will Take Over the World”, that’s the real, proven value. There’s even a math formula to back it all up. Sure, it’s silly to measure visual media this way, but the power of video is undeniable. After all, numbers like this don’t lie:

See that? Even Google, de facto king of the internet, is a fan of video. So, if you’re not already saying “Lights, Camera, Action!” when marketing your business, you really should be.

More engagement. More retention. More trust. Yep, this medium helps people believe in your brand, too, with 57% of consumers saying videos gave them the confidence boost needed to make a purchase.

With all this data, we’re sure by now you’ve become a believer in video marketing your construction company. So, the question remains: How? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 …

1) Create

Today’s cell phones are a modern marvel. They connect us with everyone from your mom to Madonna, wake us up in the morning and stand in as a great fire-free alternative to lighters at a concert. You know what else smart phones can do? Make videos. Pretty good ones actually.

Sorry, expensive video crews and state-of-the-art equipment. We don’t need you to tell a story anymore – especially when budget is of the upmost priority. Making a video that engages and entertains is easier than ever.

That’s good news because you can video all the things. We’re talking things like:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Team leader interviews
  • Company culture highlights
  • Before and after renovation shots
  • Project progress overviews
  • Video blogs
  • Training videos
  • Jobsite safety tips
  • Announcements
  • Tutorials

And you don’t need a degree from film school to capture footage worthy of sharing. We (and your customers) get it: You’re no Martin Scorsese or Steven Spielberg. You can still look like a pro, though.

Here’s some quick tips to make even the Scorseses and Speilbergs of the world proud:

  • No. More. Shaky. Frames! Stabilize things by investing in an inexpensive tripod – or even a pop socket can do the trick sometimes.
  • Add light background music. Nobody likes awkward silences.
  • Brand it! Add your logo at the beginning and a call to action with contact info at the end.
  • Keep it short, keep it simple. If it’s longer than a couple of minutes, it might be too long.
  • Edit the final product. It’s easier than it sounds. iMovie helps add that music and branding we mentioned while letting you cut frames.

2) Share

We like video a lot. Know what we don’t like? Pesky word count limits.

The trick to going beyond Twitter’s 280 characters is sharing a video. Not only can you couple your video message with text, but your post will more likely grab viewers’ attention – and keep it. This is Tweeting done right.

So yeah, you definitely want to share all that great video content across all social media platforms. Facebook and YouTube are the best place to start, but make sure Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn see the love, too.

Don’t just think of individual posts either. Use the stories feature across Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat to share content that followers can easily engage with.

Video can also be used to bring your construction website to life. Are you currently seeing homeowners bounce from your homepage seconds after arriving? A video can change all that. Big and bold on your homepage, videos tell your company background and why you’re the best choice for a contractor or remodeler.

Why stop there? Throughout your online home, sprinkle customer testimonials, stories of successful builds and more using … you guessed it, video!

Videos also win big in email marketing. Think of the last email you opened. You probably didn’t stay on it for very long, right?

Time is the most valuable asset when blasting potential leads with emails. You’ve got to grab attention quick with something snappy and communicate a lot in a little time. Knowing that the brain processes visuals 60,000X faster than text, it only makes sense that that something snappy be video.

3) Measure

The great thing about construction video marketing is it gives you the power to do more than just tell consumers how your business works. You can show them. The benefit to that? Big results.

More conversions? Yep. A better emotional connection? You better believe it. A boost to SEO? Check.

When it comes to measuring the success of a video, seeing how many people viewed it is just the beginning. You should really break down the performance to understand what’s really resonating with your audience and – just as important – what’s not.

  • How long are customers viewing the video?
  • Which videos are being shared across social media?
  • What topics bring the most comments?
  • Did more leads land after a strong video push?

The direction of future footage lives in the answers to these questions.

Press play

The last thing you want to do as a business owner is put your potential on pause.

Partner videos with construction project management technology like Buildertrend, and you’ll have all the essentials needed to fast forward to more jobs and higher profits.

All there’s left to do is hit record.

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Sean Robinson

Sean Robinson Sean Robinson is a senior content marketing specialist at Buildertrend

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