5 benefits of becoming a hybrid builder and remodeler

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Fun fact: Centaurs are real … well, at least in the construction world they are.

Don’t believe us? Just like the mythical half-horse, half-human fairytale creature, there are some contractors who dare to be both homebuilder and home remodeler.

Gasp! Yep, meet the hybrid contractor. They’re no “once upon a time” fantasy. When it comes to residential construction, they can do it all. And chances are if you’ve been a homebuilder for any length of time, you’ve probably had client requests for remodels that go beyond your typical realm of ground-up custom builds.

“We know you just finished a two-story, five-bedroom, three-bath but when you get a quick second can you turn our garage into a gym, update the kitchen to a modern masterpiece and flip the backyard into an outdoor oasis? K. Thanks!!”

Sound familiar? Well, it might be time to consider saying “yes” (if you’re not already). In fact, clients may prefer to hire someone who specializes in both custom builds and renovations as they know you have the ability to complete large-scale projects.

The advantages don’t just benefit clients. There are plenty for you and your business, too. Here are the top five pros to becoming a hybrid builder and remodeler:

1) More jobs (lots more)

Of course! This one is a no brainer. Diversifying your services opens the door to projects on projects on projects. Cha-ching!

We know what you might be thinking. And yes, you can totally handle this influx of jobs. That’s exactly what home remodeling software is for. As you renovate your business model, renovate how you get business done, too. Equipped with a ton of project management features, this type of tech streamlines processes, turbo charges your efficiency and lets you get more done in less time.

By eliminating communication errors and reducing delays, you’ll have the bandwidth to take on the added workload. Your bottom-line thanks you!

2) You’re Teflon in tough times

The COVID-19 pandemic has tested every industry, every company, every business owner. Homebuilding isn’t immune to the effects of this crisis, with the number of construction groundbreakings on the decline from earlier this year.

However, there’s hope in doubling down on renovations. In fact, during the Great Recession of 2008, residential renovations remained relatively consistent even while new construction slowed. That’s when many custom builders became hybrid contractors by adding remodeling to their services.

The time is ripe for this revolution to happen again.

Think about it … everyone’s staying home now more than ever and wanting a refresh. There’s plenty of DIYers out there, but some projects are too big to handle alone. That’s where you come in. Ready and waiting to turn a plain patio into an outdoor bar and boring bathrooms into spas. (Hey, the real ones are closed after all!)

3) Old customers become new leads

The thing about new builds is they only happen for a homebuyer once every decade or more. On the contrary, there’s always something in a home that can be tweaked, fixed or made brand new.

Renovations are your way to revisit some of your old clients. Reach back out to let them know who to call if they ever want to upgrade anything. (Hint: that who is you!) All those unfinished basements you built might just be getting finished after all.

4) Take customer relations to the next level

Oh, customer relations! It’s that tricky little thing that can make or break a business. We’ve got good news, though! Someone who is both a builder and a remodeler has a leg up in mastering the customer expectations game.

Why? They can give clients what they want, what they really, really want. Many construction professionals that are only remodelers offer a certain number of selections or renovation styles. As a builder, your client’s imagination is the only limit.

You’ve got a crew that knows how to take on entire floorplans, so an entryway revamp is comfortably in their wheelhouse. Your connections can’t be beat either. After all, you might already be working with the top designers and architects. Use these resources to provide unmatched quality that’s sure to make any customer a happy one.

5) Subcontractor squad goals

Every builder wants to work with best subcontractors, right? Remodeling lets you keep them in your circle by offering up more jobs with less time in between. You’ll remain top of mind as you continually reach out to them for your large projects, small projects and everything in between.

Plus, this is another boon for client relations. Homeowners want to work with a single point of contact when hiring out for a renovation. You can be that person in charge of every little detail.

By continually landing the subs you know and trust, you’ll end up with a finished new build or renovation that’s seamless from start to finish rather than something that looks like multiple teams hobbled it together.

Need help becoming a hybrid?

Growing your business is no easy task – especially when you’re doing so by entering an entire new industry.

The rewards greatly outweigh the risk, tenfold. There’s the potential to see much greater profits, expand your reach exponentially and you don’t have to do it alone. That’s right, construction project management software can be with you every step of the way.

There’s no better platform than Buildertrend. From preparing bids to post-renovation (or build) reviews, we’ve got a full suite of features that brings the entire construction process into a single system. Schedule a demo to learn more now!

By successfully conquering the reno game with our help, you’ll prove you’re no one-trick pony … or centaur in this case.

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