Make sure you anticipate these common conflicts in construction project management

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When tackling construction projects, there are countless moving pieces, and oftentimes too many hands in the pot, that can lead to unwanted conflicts. Now, although these conflicts can’t always be avoided, you can do your best to anticipate them.

By anticipating these most common conflicts in construction project management, you will be able to work quickly to solve problems and prevent further disputes from happening.

Contractual disagreements

Your construction contract is arguably the most important tool you have when starting a new project. And we mean any project – building a home, working on a remodel or taking on a specialty job. Also known as a building agreement, the contract between you and your client is a legally binding document that protects both parties. This document should include detailed sections outlining items such as scope of work, financials and construction schedule, etc.

In order to avoid contractual disagreements and ensure your business is protected from all angles, it’s important that you know your contract inside and out, stay updated on state construction laws and include specific language related to change order terms. It may also be a good idea to consult a legal professional as you begin to build your construction contract.

When you have your contract completed and ready to go, you can add it to your Buildertrend account and keep it updated, so you’re always prepared for new jobs.

Communication errors

Clear, effective communication is essential for completing construction projects on time and on budget. Conflicts often arise when there is a miscommunication between key stakeholders in regards to important project details. This could be anything from a change in building materials to a shift in priorities for your field crew. Keeping everyone on the same page will keep projects running smoothly and reduce the amount of friction on projects.

It’s also important to communicate regularly with your clients. Staying connected with your clients is important. It not only makes them happy, it’s a great way for you to keep your projects moving. You will oftentimes need your clients to make decisions regarding their product selections, change orders and other finishes. Keeping them involved throughout the project ensures they are included on important decisions, lowering the risk of conflict.

Using Buildertrend’s real-time communication tools such as the Schedule, To-Do’s, Daily Logs and the Customer Portal will help to keep your team, subcontractors and clients updated while reducing disputes.

Delayed timelines

Delaying timelines for construction jobs is definitely something you want to avoid. Not meeting deadlines and being unclear about the completion date for a new house or project can lead to unnecessary turmoil and unhappy clients.

Keep timelines on track with Buildertrend’s Schedule feature, or as we like to call it, the backbone of our platform. The Schedule feature creates efficiency when managing job timelines and allows for seamless adjustments. Hit a bump in the road and need to make a quick shift? No problem! Schedule items in Buildertrend can be linked together, so fast timeline updates can be made in less than a minute with just a couple clicks. You can also easily share schedule items with your team, subcontractors and clients to ensure communication and accountability.

Documentation issues

A lack of documentation can not only lead to more arguments and upset on a construction project, but it can also be the reason for losing out on money. That being said, it’s critical that you implement and maintain an effective documentation process to ensure your projects are streamlined and you’re prepared in any situation.

Let Buildertrend help! Our unlimited cloud-based storage allows all documents, files, photos and videos to be stored, organized and easily accessed. By storing all important files for each of your jobs in one central document location, you’re reducing the chance of things getting lost. More importantly, you’re keeping things organized and making it much harder for job site mistakes to happen. Organizing your documents and being able to easily access your files also ensures that you’re prepared in the event of a dispute regarding terms of contract or work that has been completed.

Let us help you avoid these common construction project conflicts

By using Buildertend to manage your construction projects, you can easily avoid these common conflicts. To learn more about our construction project management tools and how they can keep your jobs running smooth, schedule a training today.

If you’re ready to get signed up, schedule a demo or give us a call and our team will be more than happy to help!

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