A match made in the cloud

John Struckmann was just a college student painting houses in the summer when he fell in love with the craft and decided he wanted to start his own construction company. John wanted to simplify the home improvement process as he saw that the average homeowner was unable to obtain quality service when in need of a simple, professional remodeling service. Integrity Design + Build was founded to bring homeowners the best of both worlds: high quality craftsmanship along with excellent customer service, regardless the size of remodeling project.

John spent the next three years building up his construction company to become a one stop shop for homeowner needs. As his client list began to grow, he realized he was in serious need of a more efficient way to manage the work. And that’s where Buildertrend came into play. John realized that Buildertrend was just the tool he needed to manage his projects. The different capabilities we could offer his company helped them grow the business even more and strengthen their relationships with clients. Customer service was one of their top priorities so our software allowed them to keep communication with customers open 24/7.

The only thing holding Integrity Design + Build back now was their accounting software. The software they were using at the time wasn’t compatible with the new program so employees were wasting some of their valuable time on double entry. Once John learned of the integration between Buildertrend and Xero, it seemed like a no-brainer to move everything over to Xero. Not only does our integration with Xero save users time and eliminate any tedious double entry, but they are able to run their businesses more efficiently by invoicing clients and getting subcontractors paid faster. Talk about a win-win situation for both the business and their clients!

Anywhere, anytime, customers can login to the system and get information about the financials associated with their project. They have real-time access to the amount that was already paid and how much is left on the project balance. This seamless integration between Buildertrend and Xero allows John – along with many other business owners – to keep doing what they love … helping their customers.

Still want to learn more about our integration with Xero? Check out the video above for more details.

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