What you missed from our first Virtual Product Event with The Home Depot

The leading home improvement retailer and leading construction management software are now integrated. Here’s what that means for you.

Virtual Product Event

Pushing forward. Always innovating. Never settling.

That’s the Buildertrend way. Our tech helps businesses like yours take on whatever’s next – but we can’t always do it alone. That’s why the leading construction management software has partnered with Pro Xtra, The Home Depot’s Loyalty Program Built Just for Pros, for our latest update. We’ve joined forces to revolutionize the way you order, track, purchase and account for job site materials.

What that means exactly was unveiled during our first-ever, exclusive Virtual Product Event. We asked customers from across the country to virtually join us as our two companies shared how we’re going to help you unlock greater success through smarter product management.

It was a Buildertrend celebration unlike any before – and the first product event of its kind for us. Whether you missed it or want to relive the excitement again, here are the top four moments we can’t stop talking about.

1) We broke the big news

Those who attended the virtual event got the inside scoop first – but now we want everyone to know. So, what exactly is the big news? Drum roll please … da-dum-da-dum …

Construction teams can now integrate their Pro Xtra account with Buildertrend to quickly order, purchase and track job site materials. All you have to do is be a Pro Xtra member and use our construction management software to improve the way you take projects across the finish line.

This integration has the potential to powerfully improve product and expense management. Because, right in Buildertrend, you’ll now be able to streamline the ordering, tracking and purchasing of job site materials. Here are just some of the benefits of this innovative update:

  • Better record keeping and job costing
  • Reduced chance of unplanned expenses
  • Quicker purchasing of materials
  • Efficient cost cataloging within Buildertrend
  • Digitally saved receipts

2) There was a live demo of The Home Depot integration

The Virtual Product Event didn’t just unveil this exciting update – it also showed it in action. A member of the Buildertrend team gave virtual attendees an exclusive look at how to set up this integration then put it to good use.

It’s all pretty easy to do, too. Click. Order. Track. Repeat. That’s the type of purchasing power we know today’s builders crave. Here it is at your fingertips.

See it in action for yourself.


3) Common questions were answered live

This is a Buildertrend first. Never before have we launched an integration alongside a leading retailer like The Home Depot. We know this is something entirely new to you, too. You probably have a lot of questions.

Luckily, we have a lot of answers.

During the event, we answered common questions from our early adopters and users who participated in beta testing the integration. Here are three of the most common questions and answers:

How long does it take to get information from my purchases into my Buildertrend cost catalog? Does this include my past purchases upon signing up?

When an account is first connected, an initial sync is kicked off to retrieve 25 months of past purchases made at The Home Depot. At that time, Buildertrend also retrieves products that have been saved within lists within their Pro Xtra account. This initial sync can take up to 24 hours to process, depending on the amount of information contained within the Pro Xtra account. Once these syncs are complete, users will have the ability to import these products directly into their cost catalog. After the initial sync, ongoing purchase information and list data are synced from The Home Depot hourly.

Will I be able to see availability of The Home Depot products inside of Buildertrend?

Yes. Users will see the most up-to-date inventory at their selected store.

How up to date is the pricing and availability information?

Product pricing is retrieved automatically every 24 hours. Any changes to pricing will automatically sync to catalog items and will automatically update items they are used within when applicable (based on current catalog functionality). Product availability is retrieved in real time, so it should always be current.

Got more questions? View the entire Q&A portion of the event here.


4) Attendees heard from an industry leader

How do we at Buildertrend know this integration is something those of you in the industry are going to be excited about? That it really improves the everyday of residential construction?

We always want to make sure we confidently know the answers to those questions before rolling anything out to all of you. That’s why we gave customers, like Nick Schiffer of NS Builders, a sneak peek of the update.

Nick is a Buildertrend customer who is respected industry-wide for his commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer service. Seriously, he’s a big deal. Just check out his Instagram following. He was one of several builders who got to test out the integration during our product development process.

We at Buildertrend and The Home Depot value customer feedback because we know it’s those who are using the integration day in and day out who can best evaluate it. The results of this unique development process speak for themselves. Our tech truly solves industry challenges – and this integration will continue to do the same. It’s all because we went straight to the source and took that extra step to collaborate with customers.

That’s why we invited Nick to our event – we wanted to hear what he had to say.

Ready to integrate your Buildertrend account with Pro Xtra, The Home Depot’s Loyalty Program Built Just for Pros?

It’s time to put this integration into action. If you’re a Buildertrend customer and would like to start using this integration, your account executive is waiting and willing to help.

We also welcome your feedback. Let us know what we got right – and what can be made better.

If you’re not yet a Buildertrend customer but want to take advantage of this integration – as well as the dozens of other features our construction management software offers – schedule a demo today. You can also easily become a Pro Xtra member. Join now to take advantage of time-saving business tools, money-saving benefits and easy-to-earn rewards.

Buildertrend and Pro Xtra are better together. We can’t wait to see how our integration helps you move boldly beyond even your most ambitious goals.

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