Top 3 construction time wasters (and how to eliminate them)

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Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock.

Hear that sound? Nope, it’s not your watch ticking away on your wrist. It’s money draining from your bottom line.

It’s true what they say – time is money. So, when you’re trying to find a better way for your construction business, it should be about more than just dollars saved. It should be about days saved, too. Because, really, the two are one in the same.

Lucky for you, Buildertrend can help you save both – dollars and days. Don’t believe us? Our Return on Investment Calculator proves it. All you have to do is type in a couple of business stats to see exactly how much Buildertrend will bank for you.

We get it. Today’s construction industry pros are wasting valuable time on tasks like looking for project details, dealing with avoidable mistakes and juggling paper receipts. What’s more, a report by the McKinsey Global Institute found there’s only been a 1 percent increase in the construction sector’s annual productivity in the last two decades.

So, is it all doom and gloom? Not with cloud-based, cutting edge tech. Platforms like this not only boost efficiency but profits as well. In fact, Buildertrend’s users are seeing major savings in the form of:

  • 55 percent less time spent on scheduling by using an app instead of spreadsheets
  • 50 percent reduction on time communicating relying on one program instead of emails, texts, sticky notes and voice messages
  • 20 percent increase in number of projects that could be handled a year
  • Two more projects closed per year
  • A $230,970 return on investment in three years and $436,276 by five years because of increased productivity and more converted leads

Whoa. Cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-win.

Think of it now. All those saved days. *sigh* We bet you’re imagining more time with customers … or, better yet, more vacation days. It’s easy to see how Buildertrend can make your business beachy-keen, too.

Just type your info into our online calculator. Seriously, give it a try!

But you might be asking … how? What am I doing now that’s costing me so much? Plain and simple, the old way of doing things is no longer the right way. Here are the three biggest time wasters that smart tech all but eliminates:

1) Pen and paper

Keeping a diary is for preteens. Not a cutting-edge business. It’s time to level up. More powerful than a journal ever could be, software acts as a centralized system. Everything you need to run your business, it’s all right there.

Web-driven solutions create a simple interface for everyone involved in the construction process: contractors, clients and trade partners. Within the software, all parties can receive real-time updates on project status, review financial information and send messages. We’d like to see Post-it notes do that.

Software also has the advantage when it comes to updates. A pen is always just a pen. Tech evolves as customers and the industry do. Buildertrend is unique, too, in that its system is constantly updated rather than waiting for a yearly release of fresh features. We’re always finding new ways to make your business faster than lightning fast.

2) Spreadsheets

Anything spreadsheets can do, construction project management software can do better. Way, way better.

In fact, according to a report by Forbes, nearly 90 percent of all spreadsheets have errors. All it takes is a fat-fingered digit here. A deleted cell there. These every day oopsies may seem small … until that poor management affects the bottom line and your precious time.

Another problem with spreadsheets? They weren’t made with the construction industry in mind. Instead, they’re designed to offer general features and functionalities. With an app for homebuilders or remodelers, there are features, tools and apps made specifically to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency.

Yep, it’s time your business excels past Excel.

3) Plain old memory

Do you remember what you had for lunch last Wednesday? Maybe, but we bet you really had to think of it before the answer came to you. If you can hardly trust your memory to handle what food fuels you, how can you trust it to run your business?

There’s a better (way less mentally exhausting) way. That way is powerful platforms like Buildertrend. Systems like this forge businesses like yours into the future, offering the ability for all project partners to collaborate and make decisions together throughout each stage of the construction process.

No more wasting time keeping info in silos, juggling multiple systems to keep your mind and business on track or fixing errors when memory fails you. Buildertrend is your productivity perfected platform.

How much is your time worth?

A lot. There’s only one correct answer here. You know your worth, and it’s time you start cashing in on it.

The best way to do that is by optimizing your time. Say good-bye to archaic tools. Get more stuff done more quickly. It’s really that simple.

And in just seconds you can see just how much time is optimized when partnering your business with Buildertrend. Check out our ROI calculator then dare to demo the best construction tech for residential homebuilders, contractors and remodelers. That demo is super quick, too.

“WHOA! I can save that much!” feelings to be expected.

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