The keys to success for your next home show

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Here are a few suggestions to help you draw attention to your construction company’s booth at the next home show you attend:

Plan for success.

Evaluate the audience before you even get to the home show. What are the demographics? Are they consumers? Which of them might be potential leads? Visit the event’s website and study the audience demographics along with the layout of the room. This will help you determine marketing and advertising opportunities and what your giveaways should be, as well as ideas for how to attract people to your booth.

Promote your attendance.

Promote your attendance on your company’s website, blog and social media channels. Specifically, let people know the location of your booth so they know where to find you when they get to the show. You might want to try sending a postcard to potential consumers in the area and offer a gift to those who present the postcard to you at your booth.

Get people to stop at your booth.

A trade show is really all about talking to people and making connections. The more interactive your booth, the more reason you give people to actually stop. Use a laptop/iPad/tablet to run a slideshow of your past work and create a unique hand-out to give to those who stop. And don’t forget to use the events hashtag on social media so people might see your posts if they don’t follow you already.

Follow up.

  • Remember that a prompt response is critical. It’s not a bad idea to have a follow-up email or some type of campaign all ready to launch ahead of time. That way the response emails can immediately go out once you enter your leads, making you the stand out from the companies who wait days or weeks to reach out.
  • Be sure to switch up your message and not use the same one after every home show. Not only should you customize the email with a specific person’s name but you need to include details about the home show or even about the conversation you had … and that way, your email will seem more personal and less like a mass email.
  • Offer a range of options for further engagement.
  • Make your call-to-action specific. From download our __________ to head here to watch ________, etc., there are plenty of ways to include a call-to-action to drive traffic to where you want it.
  • Make sure your email or phone call is designed to drive action, not just spread the general word about your company and the services you offer.
  • Provide options that are specific or could apply to a range of prospects.
  • If you don’t have email addresses for those that you met at the home show, try reaching out to them via social media. It serves as a great, no pressure platform to nurture your connections.

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