Maximizing your company Facebook page

In this day and age, there is no point in having a Facebook page “just for the sake of having one.” Try these tips/tricks to up your Facebook game:

Don’t be afraid to share.
Whether it’s a video, photos of the projects your company has worked on, a photo of an employee’s new puppy or any behind the scenes photos of your company, people will love to see that. Not only does it actually create a presence on Facebook but it gives visitors the valuable content they are looking for if they are visiting your Facebook page in the first place.

Utilize the tabs on your page.
There are quite a few tab options provided by Facebook already that you can turn on or off, but you can also create custom tabs with a little bit of programming. If there is someone in your company that can do that, it would be well worth it to add some tabs for other information you want to share with your page visitors.

Utilize the call-to-action button.
Once the button is enabled on Facebook you can use this button to serve whatever purpose you want. Whether you want it to say “Contact Us”, “Watch Video” or something else, this button is there for your company’s use.

Provide exclusive offers.
Why not try to give people even more reason to go with your company? Share special offers or a giveaway of sorts that expire within a certain amount of time. It builds up excitement and will hopefully help a potential customer’s decision along a little faster. This will work especially great once you really build up engagement on your company page!

Cross promote other platforms.
Nothing wrong with a little cross promotion of your company’s other platforms. Not only can you add tabs for Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. but you can also just create posts that link to your other platforms to encourage people to go check them out!

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