Get to know a Buildertrend employee: Marge Haley

A problem solver. The one who always knows how to make customers – and her team – smile. Someone you’ve only just met but feel like you’ve known your entire life.

According to her coworkers, Marge Haley is all these things and more. This “ball of energy” has been a member of the Buildertrend family for approximately two-and-a-half years. Her current role is technical service manager. Sure, the title sounds fancy, and it should for everything she has to get done in a day.

So, how does she do just that – get it all done while remaining one of our company’s most positive personas? We went straight to the source herself to discuss her day-to-day routine, favorite Buildertrend moments and the perks of playing mommy to a 150-pound bulldog.

Hi, Marge. What was life before Buildertrend?

I was born in northwest Indiana but came to Omaha (editor’s note: Buildertrend calls this Nebraska hotspot home) to study sign language interpreting at the University of Nebraska Omaha. After college, I was an interpreter for the Construction Technology program at Iowa Western Community College.

I kind of just woke up one day and thought I needed a change. However, Iowa Western gave me a good understanding of the industry Buildertrend serves.

Before your current role, what other hats have you worn here?

I started as a client service manager, acting as a coach to support our customers. Then I went on to be a team lead. But really, I’ve had my eyes on the technical service manager role since I started.

The possibilities are literally endless here. It’s crazy to look around and see the growth in the company and my career.

(editor’s note: 50% of all Buildertrend employees receive promotions or new roles each year)

 What is a technical service manager? 

We are the liaison between product, development and our customers. We’re there if there are any enhancements or gltiches. If our client finds an issue, they tell support and we diagnose the issue and let them know when it’s fixed.

Technical service managers have the top product knowledge and are QuickBooks certified pros. Also, we handle escalation calls and support our reps to best do their jobs.

Phew. Sounds like a lot. What’s a typical day in the office look like for you?

I actually don’t have a defined day-to-day. I can usually expect meetings with customer success teams and product teams. And I’m a resource if our sales team has technical questions. Every day is very different, and I love that.

How do you prepare for your day then? What’s your morning routine? 

I wake up at 5:30 a.m. and workout in the mornings. Bob, my two-year-old giant bulldog, sleeps in until noon, though. Lucky. But I mean giant, like 150 pounds giant.

I take care of Bob for a bit, grab a cup of coffee then get to work around 7:30 a.m.

What are some of your favorite customer moments?

I’ve been part of Buildertrend University since its early stages. Meeting those clients just builds a long-lasting relationship, and it’s cool knowing the impact you had. We really get to know them.

One client who stands out that I helped over the phone was this guy who was actually working with a competing software. He was convinced switching over to Buildertrend was going to be super challenging. He was so surprised and thankful when the process was so easy – and he saw what Buildertrend provides that he wasn’t receiving before.

Our goal is to be the best possible support to our clients that we can be, whether that’s in person or on the phone.

(editor’s note: Buildertrend University is a two-day, onsite training opportunity at our Omaha headquarters where users can attend 17 educational classes.)

And the perks? What are you loving about the Buildertrend perks?

A nice cold beer at the office bar after a long day is nice. I also try to go to all the company events, but my favorite perk is the people. I met some of my best friends here. It’s not common to still be making so many new friends nearing 30!

Seriously, I can’t say that I’ve ever had a real bad day here. Even if you have a tough phone call or conversation, the people around you will help support you after.

Oh, and the parking is pretty awesome, too. Nobody talks about that perk! We don’t have to pay or walk across blocks. Plus, Target is right around the corner. It doesn’t get much better.

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