Introducing The Building Code, a Podcast by Buildertrend

It’s official … Buildertrend has a podcast! The Building Code is now available anywhere you listen to podcasts.

Paul Wurth, vice president of sales, and Tom Houghton, creative production manager, are the energetic and knowledgeable hosts of The Building Code. Each episode, they bring great conversation and perspective (and an occasional joke) – we already know you’ll enjoy listening to these two.

Our goal for the podcast? To provide construction professionals with high-quality interviews, best practices, and tips and tricks from their peers. In addition to speaking with construction industry experts and Buildertrend leaders, we’ll interview Buildertrend clients to learn about their history, business and secrets to success.

We’ll also take moments here and there to dive into our culture here at Buildertrend and give listeners a glimpse into the fast-moving world of tech. Our customers love immersing in our office culture when they get the chance, so we’d love to give listeners a preview of our world.

If you haven’t already heard for yourself, our founders – Dan Houghton, Steve Dugger and Jeff Dugger – are the first guests on The Building Code and tell the story of Buildertrend from the beginning. They share great advice for people starting their own business, along with some tips to get through tough times that inevitably happen when growing a company.

The following episodes are now available for your listening pleasure:

Please subscribe to The Building Code anywhere you get your podcasts (Apple, Google, Stitcher, etc.) and follow us along on this journey.

Interested in being featured on an upcoming episode? Send us a note at – we’d love to tell your story.


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