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3 tips to improve your construction file management system

File management

Have you ever misplaced important documentation or progress photos? Does it take you hours to sort through and file paperwork? Do projects get delayed due to lack of communication?

If you answered yes to any of these questions – you’re not alone. Keeping track of paper contracts, hand-written notes, change orders and photos is a lot to handle. So, why not make the process easier and save yourself loads of time and headaches.

How do you improve your file management system?

Having a structured file management system in place is not just convenient – it’s necessary. One of the best ways to improve your document storage and photo storage is to implement technology. Using construction project management software creates a central hub for storing all your important job information and files.

Check out these three tips for how to improve your file management system with Buildertrend.

1. Take advantage of unlimited storage for added convenience and communication

Buildertrend’s cloud document storage makes it easy to upload documents, photos and videos that can be instantly shared with your team, subcontractors and clients. For added security and privacy, you can even control viewing permissions for each document during the uploading process. Also, you can notify users when uploading a new file for quicker communication.

Documents and photos can also be added by using the mobile app, which makes it easy for your job site team to take and upload photos throughout the day. Plus, the mobile app allows you to scan and upload documents using Buildertrend’s built-in scanning feature. So, no need for that trip back to the office.

With our file sharing and file management system, you can upload files within features as well. For example, if your team members or subs want to add daily progress photos, they can take photos and upload them directly to the corresponding daily log. After uploading, you and your team then have the option to make annotations. This will help to add transparency and eliminate miscommunication.

2. Store all your files in one place for increased organization and efficiency

By uploading your seemingly endless amounts of documents and photos to Buildertrend, you’re ensuring you’ll never have lost files again. Everything you need is saved in one place within neatly organized folders. If you find a folder structure that works really well for you, make it a template. Using a folder structure template will make it easy to upload photos and documents to a new job.

Documents, photos and videos can be uploaded into folders specific to a certain job or to the Global Documents folder. Global Documents is a great place to store general documents that aren’t job-specific. You can create folders within folders for added organization and efficiency.

3. Ensure transparency and be prepared with daily documentation

As mentioned above, you can share documents and photos with your clients to keep them updated and create transparency. Using the file management tools within Buildertrend allows you to send documents and request signatures. Your clients can then sign documents directly in Buildertrend – keeping essential documents grouped together and easily accessible.

With Buildertrend’s File Management features, you can seamlessly track each of your jobs from start to finish. It’s also important to note that having a solid file management process with up-to-date documentation and photos ensures you’re prepared for any unexpected legal binds or conflicts.

Get the most out of your file management with Buildertrend

Keep your projects organized and on track by using Buildertrend as a central hub for all your important job information.

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