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Today, we’re bringing you updates on the anticipation of a new secretary of labor, rising concerns regarding hesitancy among essential workers to get vaccinated and the latest industry pulse with February 2021 construction statistics.


Marty Walsh-led Labor Dept and construction

What a Marty Walsh-led Labor Department could mean for construction

Last week, Secretary of Labor nominee, Marty Walsh, underwent the first round of Senate hearings to confirm his nomination. With his unique background as a former construction union leader, Walsh brings with him experience that will likely impact the construction industry while leading the Department of Labor.

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Essential workers way of COVID vaccine risks

Essential workers more wary of getting vaccinated despite higher COVID-19 risk

In a survey of nearly 17,000 employee adults in the U.S. conducted between October 2020 and January 2021, Morning Consult found 56% of workers say they’ll get a COVID-19 vaccine. However, of workers in the industrial and service sectors, construction workers were among the least willing to receive a COVID-19 vaccine at 53%.

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Basics of sub defaults

The basics of subcontractor defaults – key considerations

Oftentimes, the success of a project is dependent upon the performance of subcontractors. Due to the importance of subcontractors on project completion, the risk of one defaulting is likely to have a substantial impact on the general contractor’s business. When situations like this arise, it may be necessary to invoke remedies of default and termination.

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NLRB pendulum pushing pro-union

The NLRB pendulum is pushed pro-union

Non-union employers should be aware of the National Labor Relations Board’s significant shift toward pro-union positions. Specifically, several notable memos have been rescinded by Acting General Counsel Peter Sung Ohr, signaling the Biden Administration’s shift away from the former administration’s approach.

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Latest construction data

Industry pulse: The latest construction data and statistics

The latest February 2021 construction statistics. Learn more about construction spending, jobs, project starts and all other industry-related data here.

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