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How to become a project management master

Increase productivity. Streamline processes. Improve communication. We’ll tell you how all this (and more!) is done with expert project management tips.

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What to expect:

  1. What’s slowing projects down?
  2. We’ll share where many in the industry go wrong when it comes to managing their jobs.

  3. Jumpstart your success
  4. Our best practices for project management will help you complete more with less fuss.

  5. One platform, all your projects
  6. Planning, tracking and delivering your team’s best work has never been easier with Buildertrend. See how it’s done.

Meet the speakers

mike dukich

Mike Dukich
Director of Training and Development

Mike joined Buildertrend as a business development representative in April 2007 with a focus on attracting new customers. He later moved into a Sales management role and lead his team to a record year in 2018. Today, Mike spearheads training and development for the Sales and Customer Success departments at Buildertrend. As one of the earliest team members, Mike has played a role in growing the company from a handful of employees and customers to more than 500 employees and thousands of clients. When’s he’s not working, you can find him lifting at the gym, cooking a hearty Omaha steak or spending time with his wife and two children.

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