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Pool builders workshop with Buildertrend

Streamline your pre and post project processes

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What to expect:

  1. Get tips for how to best use Buildertrend in pool building
  2. Learn how to seamlessly manage your pre and post project processes
  3. Streamline your Schedule, To-Do’s, Cost Codes, Templates and Proposals
  4. Set your clients up with the Customer Portal

Meet the speaker

Liliana Escudero

Liliana Escudero
J Designs Pool and Spa

Liliana Escudero was born and raised in Mexico City. She has a master’s degree in finance and has worked with mergers and acquisitions for years. Liliana is the backbone of the business at J Designs Pool and Spa, expertly handling everything relating to systems, management, bookkeeping and all other backend processes. She has ensured operations run smoothly and guarantees exceptional client experiences by teaching herself and her team how to utilize all the tools Buildertrend has to offer.

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