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How to reduce risk with Buildertrend

Sh*t happens. Learn how to avoid hazards and keep your business moving forward if risks become reality.

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What you can expect to learn:

  1. What are the risks of risk?
  2. Every industry comes with risks – especially construction. See the cost of not protecting your profits and projects.

  3. How to take control of chaos
  4. Your employees get hard hats, but what does your business get? Guard your company with our tips to reduce risk.

  5. Your options for coverage
  6. Buildertrend has your back with Builder’s Risk Insurance. Learn more about our low rates, streamlined binding process and how to get a free quote.

Meet the speaker

Sam Mueller

Sam Mueller
Senior Manager of Professional Services

Sam Mueller, senior manager of Buildertrend’s Professional Services team, strives to help construction companies find a better way to build. He leads efforts to introduce innovative concepts that allow contractors to grow their business and find more efficiency and profits. Mueller’s expertise has been cultivated through the numerous positions he’s held at Buildertrend, including customer success manager, onsite consultant and senior manager of customer success.

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