Episode 56

This week we’re coming at you with another Pro Services Feature Spotlight. Joining Tom and Paul to talk about Pro Websites is our web sales manager and one of the OG Buildertrend sales associates, Alex Suarez.

History of pro websites

Unlike our other pro services that came along after the creation of Buildertrend, Pro Websites worked right alongside Buildertrend from the beginning. It started with Alex and has now expanded into a team with developers who focus on building websites for our clients. The Pro Websites team members love using their creative freedom to develop and deliver a great product to our customers.

one-stop shop

Our Pro Websites team audits each customer’s current website and puts a plan in place for their new one. They start from scratch and build a website on the front- and back-end using WordPress. From there, they continue working with the customer to provide assets and teach them how to run the website from the backend.

Having a web presence is vital in today’s digital world, and it needs to be done efficiently. With that said, the Buildertrend Pro Websites team has the process down to a science. After discovery calls with the customer and collecting all documents, the website can be launched within three to four weeks.

how to get started

Does this sound like something your business could benefit from? If you would like to learn more about Pro Websites or get a free audit of your website, you can do the following:

  • Call your coach and tell them you are interested
  • Fill out the form on buildertrendwebsites.com
  • Email websites@buildertrend.com
  • Go to the marketplace within Buildertrend. Click the cogwheel on the top right of your screen when you are logged into Buildertrend.


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