Episode 21

This episode of The Building Code features guest Brad Hogan of Hogan Design and Construction, who joins us from the Chicago, Ill., area. And before you ask, he is a Cubs fan. We had the pleasure of meeting Brad at Buildertrend University and just knew we had to feature him on the podcast.

Hogan Design and Construction is a family operation: Brad’s brother is the owner and Brad acts as COO. Besides having a large mix of work – from small remodels to commercial builds – the company loves putting out a good newsletter. While many companies have ditched the newsletter for other forms of marketing, Hogan has stuck with it and has seen great results. Their newsletter is simple and is used mainly to keep the Hogan name present in people’s minds. They send it out once a month with tips and tricks, company information and news to an audience they’ve gathered via their website and through both current and prospective customers. Want to subscribe and see it action? Check it out here.

Hogan Design and Construction has strong community involvement. From buying people breakfast at a local breakfast spot to giving back to charities near and dear to their employees’ hearts, this crew makes their presence known in their community … for both high quality construction work and charitable efforts. And, truly, the Hogan team acts out of kindness, but if a new customer comes from it, that’s even better.

A passion point for Brad? Marketing his construction company at all times. Not only does the Hogan team spread their branded pens around the Chicago area, but also they always hang a Hogan sign on every job site. We specifically enjoyed hearing all about their “Pardon Our Dust” efforts for the homeowners’ neighbors. The Hogan team drops off letters and branded dustpans to introduce the company and project to the neighbors – a clever courtesy so they know what’s going on in their area.

A question we ask our customers we feature on The Building Code is, “Do you track your lead sources?” For the Hogan team, that’s a definite “yes” … but it wasn’t always the answer. Up until two years ago, they didn’t track their lead sources until they realized they were spending marketing dollars without seeing the return on their investment. But now, the Hogan team is able to confidently identify Facebook as their most popular lead source (side note: social media is a common answer among our guests). As for where they’re tracking the leads, it’s all within Buildertrend! They utilize our CRM and love having one spot to see what’s working and what’s not.

Want to know more about what the Hogan Design and Construction team is up to and their tips for success? Be sure to listen to the full episode!

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