Episode 13

On our second “Feature Spotlight” episode of The Building Code, Andy McCarville – a technical services manager – joins us to chat about Daily Logs: what they are, how the feature has grown within Buildertrend, and how our customers are using it.

If you’re unfamiliar with Daily Logs, they’re basically journal entries. Using Daily Logs, builders can jot down details of a project, what needs to happen that day, general messaging about what’s going on, etc. These are easy to get out to the team and subs without spending a lot of time on them. How has the Buildertrend Daily Logs changed over the years within Buildertrend? It just used to be a couple fields: the description area and a field for weather notes … and you had to manually enter the date. Today, Daily Logs is just an all-around better and smarter feature, including pre-filled dates with the ability to backdate, weather conditions at the click of a button and more intuitive fields that save everyone time.

Here’s a little story to put this feature’s importance into perspective? One of our customers attended Buildertrend University and told us it’s hard to catch up – let alone work ahead – between managing his current projects and trying to sell more jobs. But what helped him to manage these relationships and projects was Daily Logs in Buildertrend. If he got a call from a homeowner, and he/she left a voicemail, he would first go through the last two weeks of Daily Logs, so that he was completely up-to-speed on what was going on with the homeowner’s account and project before calling them back. Truly, that’s what it’s all about.

Now that we know the facts of Daily Logs, what about some fun facts about Andy?

    1. Andy has a shared Instagram (@dan4andandy9) with Dan Lipari, his best friend and our guest on “Feature Spotlight: Lead Management – Episode 8.”
    2. Since we recorded this podcast, Andy and his wife, Jori, welcomed their third child into the world. It’s a boy!
    3. Andy’s favorite feature in Buildertrend just so happens to be Daily Logs … and sometimes Change Orders. If Change Orders are more your jam, you’ll be happy to know that a future “Feature Spotlight” episode is in the works.
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