Live from Buildertrend University: Building Homes for Heroes

Episode 9a 

Jim Rogers from Building Homes for Heroes joins us on The Building Code, from Buildertrend University.

What does Building Homes for Heroes (or BHH for short) do, you ask? Well, the name says it all. Founded in 2006, this incredible, non-profit organization builds custom homes from the ground up or renovates existing homes to meet the needs of wounded veterans who were injured post 9/11 in Iraq or Afghanistan. In short, BHH gifts mortgage-free homes to veterans to help remove the family’s financial burden, help restore freedom and enable veterans to lead more independent lives. Or as Jim puts it, they help transform these veteran’s lives to their “new normal.”

When it comes to how many veterans have been helped, Jim tells us that over 160 homes have been gifted across the country since 2006. With around 12 employees stationed at their main office in New York and a few stationed in Florida, these employees are currently helping with 32 projects in various states.

When Building Homes for Heroes enters a new community to build a home for a veteran, they start with Angie’s List to find contractors and they work with their current partners (Chase Bank, Truck Hero, Advanced Auto Parts, Air Conditioning Systems) to find new partners to get the ball rolling.

How did Jim get involved? After meeting a board member and chatting about what BHH needed, it was apparent Jim was the man for the job (being retired from the Air Force with project management experience made him an obvious fit). And what is Jim’s favorite part of the job? Watching these families’ lives transform when they’re gifted their new (or renovated) homes. From success in their careers to starting their own business to climbing Mt. Everest, it’s incredible to watch these wounded veterans take on their lives and their “new normal” and make it so much more.

Building Homes for Heroes isn’t just all building, either. Here are some other programs and additional services that BHH is involved in:

  • For veterans that may or may not have been homeowners in the past, BHH provides them services through financial advisors to make them successful in their homes.
  • Veteran Team Building Program: BHH brings veteran families together and through activities, they all get to know each other. Through their time together during this event, they create bonds that last forever.
  • BHH also offers a bike program for adaptive bikes. Adaptive bikes are now being gifted to veterans as well through this program.
  • Home Modifications: BHH provides their veterans with home modification options for homes they already owned. Whether that’s widening doors, pull-down racks, larger bathroom space, BHH is making these adjustments so veterans can continue to live in their home.

And where does Buildertrend fit into this story? Back in 2012 when Jim started at the company, one of the first things he did was attend The International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Florida. Their program with Chase Bank was just getting started and there were so many projects coming at them, which led them to one thought: there has to be a project management software that would help us. After lunch, they went down to the floor and visited a few booths and their conversations led them straight to our Co-Founder, Dan Houghton. Jim told him the Building Homes for Heroes story, and the rest is history. It was a partnership match made in heaven! And it’s been a cause that stays near and dear to our hearts.

And if you want to get involved with the awesome work that Building Homes for Heroes is doing, Jim encourages you to join in and this request form on their site is the best place to start.

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