Feature Spotlight: Lead Management

Episode 8

On our first “Feature Spotlight” episode of The Building Code Dan Lipari – a senior manager of customer success at Buildertrend – discusses with us lead management and how Buildertrend customers use it in their building worlds.

A lot of what Buildertrend offers is project management related – tools for once the job is won. But, what about before the job gets off the ground? There’s a gap in this part of the building industry’s process. How businesses manage their leads, how they follow up, the consistency in which they follow up, how professionally they present their business … that’s where Buildertrend lead management features get their moment to shine.

dan lipari

When it comes to any construction company ditching their past management practices for Buildertrend, Dan has heard it all: pen and paper, Excel spreadsheets, sticky notes, “it’s all in my head.” But, no matter what companies new to Buildertrend have used in the past, onboarding and training revolve around the transition from the old way to working within our software. Once this happens, Dan sees a lot of “a-ha” moments – Buildertrend offers a whole new world of features and processes. Whether or not we realize it, everyone has a “way” they do things, and when customers onboard with Buildertrend, we don’t try to change that “way” … we just make it a little more automated, streamlined and efficient.

It’s no secret that different types of businesses use Buildertrend. Maybe the client builds three high-end homes each year, or another client is into constructing multiple subdivisions. Obviously, these companies have different volumes and goals they deal with, but guess what? They still need to track their sales leads, which is exactly what our lead management features can do for you. Take the headache out of managing your leads, and let our software do the heavy lifting.

And, it wouldn’t be an episode of The Building Code without some fun facts about our guest, would it?

  • Dan is the star in one of our most popular Buildertrend marketing videos.
  • He’s a true family man. With a wife and two daughters, he spends his free time with them.
  • When he’s got time to himself, he’s all about Major League Baseball. He has two siblings who are regional scouts – one for the St. Louis Cardinals and one for the Anaheim Angels.
  • He had the chance to pitch batting practice for the Pittsburgh Pirates “back in the day,” as Dan says.

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