Live from BTU: Trunk Bay Companies – Modernizing a construction business through word-of-mouth marketing

Episode 7

Wes Trunk, project manager at Trunk Bay Companies – Bloomington, Illinois – joins us on The Building Code podcast during Buildertrend University (BTU), our two-day user conference. We cover with him many topics, from palm trees to Trunk Bay’s business and everything in between.

Started in 2001 by Wes’s father, Marty, Trunk Bay Companies completes custom home builds in Central Illinois. In recent years, Trunk Bay has made their business more efficient in more ways than one. The company has adjusted from ten employees to three, and they reset their annual home build expectations appropriately.

When it came time for Wes to join his father’s company after college, he joined when it wanted to fine-tune its core processes rather than expand into new markets. At the time he joined, Trunk Bay Companies had just started to use Buildertrend, compared to when he assisted in high school and business practices were more manual.

With no trade school or project management experience, Wes had one very important thing under his belt: people skills. His college communications degree gave him the perfect (although untraditional) skills to be a project manager, and his tech abilities were the perfect addition. In any case, Wes will be the first to tell you he wants to continue to learn all he can to become a better project manager, whether he learns from subcontractors, his father or through Buildertrend.

Speaking of learning through Buildertrend … Wes recently attended two days of Buildertrend University. What was his experience like? As far as classes go, “The teaching has been off the cart.” He also made more professional connections than he ever thought possible at the event

Trunk Bay Companies is a testimony to the power word-of-mouth marketing can bring. They never stop asking their customers to talk about their happiness with their project outcomes, and it works! And we may just see Wes back at another Buildertrend University session in the near future.

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