Marketing for success with Tim Brown

Episode 66

Joining Tom and Paul on this episode of “The Building Code” is Tim Brown, co-owner and lead strategist at Hook Agency in Minneapolis, Minn. Tim started out in web design and he soon figured out that he could drive his own business using leads from organic Google traffic.

Today, a large majority of Hook’s clients are contractors. Listen to the full episode to hear how Tim and his team work to help construction pros like you optimize their online presence and increase lead generation, especially in today’s environment.


Paid leads: Prospective clients that are generated by a third party and paid for by the company who will be using them for marketing purposes.

Organic leads: Prospects who find your company by searching for a product, service or question in a search engine, rather than directly visiting your URL or clicking on pay-per-click ads.


  • Write blogs about popular content, local topics and things homeowners are looking for to generate organic leads from Google searches
  • Build your brand using longer processes like event marketing, social media content and video to help people get to know you
  • Use video chats and helpful content to maintain relationships with prospects when there is an extended period of time between lead and sale
  • Trim your marketing during this time and keep only what is crucial for a better client experience
  • Focus on being helpful, not “salesy”


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