Diving deep with Lucas Lagoons

Episode 61

On this episode of “The Building Code,” Tom and Paul are joined by Lucas Congdon of Lucas Lagoons based out of Sarasota, Fla. They talk about the hit television show “Insane Pools: Off the Deep End” on Animal Planet and how Buildertrend has helped transform their multimillion-dollar business.

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Key to Communication

According to Lucas, the biggest hurdle for his team was communication – prior to Buildertrend. Now, they are able to put everything into one place by using the mobile app or hopping online. “Buildertrend is the tool” Lucas said.

Advice + Tips from lucas

  • Lucas highly recommends getting Buildertrend training. We offer Onsite Consulting, Buildertrend University as well as 24/7 training online. If you’re currently working from home, check out this blog post about our online learning resources.
  • One of Lucas’ favorite aspects about Buildertrend is it helps him get to his client’s homes! When he is in the job site on the app, he clicks on the little blue icon that pulls up the map and off to the job site he goes!
  • Communicating within app is not only beneficial to clients, but can also get you out of legal trouble. Lucas Lagoons won a lawsuit thanks to the documentation features within Buildertrend. “Buildertrend saves time, it saves money and it makes things easy on your attorneys,” Lucas said.

Links and more

Paul says Buildertrend is a great way to “C.Y.A.” C.Y.A stands for Cover Your Ass.

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Season 3: Episode 8 – From Mild to Wild

Note from the hosts: This podcast was recorded prior to the global COVID-19 outbreak. We believe the content of this podcast is valuable and thought our listeners would enjoy a break from the intense conversations around the pandemic we are all experiencing. As always, you are in our thoughts, and we are in this together. ‘Preciate ya!

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