Communication expectations with Joe Christensen: Cardinal Crest Homes

Episode 57

On this episode of The Building Code, Joe Christensen of Cardinal Crest Homes in Kansas City, Mo., joins Tesla Tom and Paul (just Paul) to talk about what sets Cardinal Crest Homes apart, creating an outstanding customer experience and, of course, the Chiefs winning the big game.

The Cardinal Crest Customer Experience

(Say that subheading five times, fast!)

Cardinal Crest Homes is a standout among design-build companies in Kansas City and a big reason why has to do with the customer experience they provide. Joe gave insight on what makes the customer experience one everyone will enjoy.

  • Put some heart into it. Joe thinks it’s important for the customer and his team to mesh well and trust one another. A customer is spending a large amount of money on a home for them and their family to live. Joe and his team do not take this responsibility lightly and put their hearts into the work to make it the best home for their customers.
  • Solve problems together. Joe said there will always be a problem that arises. That’s just the way home building works. It’s how the team and customer handle the problem together that makes it a good experience for everyone in the end.
  • Constant and organized communication. Cardinal Crest Homes customers sign a communication agreement that specifies they can text and call the project managers – but if they want any changes made, they must input a change order in Buildertrend. The Cardinal Crest Homes team also has an agenda for all clients. Selections are on a timeline and clients are given an agenda at every meeting to make sure the project manager and client are on the same page.
  • Photos. You can never give clients enough photos. Thankfully, Buildertrend makes it easy!

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