What millennials want with Evolved Structures

Episode 55

On this episode of The Building Code, we are joined in studio by Nick Wilcox and Josh Bundren of Evolved Structures. These business partners know what Millennials want when it comes to new construction homes – and that’s why they started their business. The duo sits down with Paul and Tom to talk about their mission to fill a void in the Omaha market and share their experience getting started with Buildertrend.

Breaking into the market

Josh and Nick saw a need in the Omaha housing market and decided to fill it … capitalism, am I right? They noticed that over time, homes being built were staying the same even though the needs of buyers were shifting.

After researching and talking with buyers, it was clear that millennial buyers were being pushed to rent because they didn’t want large homes. They want smaller homes that are higher quality.

(This is where Evolved Structures comes in.)

Customer centric experience

Evolved structures put their focus on building lower cost homes and using great products. They created a transparent, hassle free experience for customers while still remaining customizable. Listen to the full episode to hear about their process and how they are changing the housing market in Omaha.

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Paul and Tom with Tesla

Here it is, folks. The long-awaited photo of Paul and Tom with the Tesla. (And they even went to Dairy Queen as promised!)

As it turns out, Tom was right (sorry, Paul). When comparing a Tesla Model 3 to a Toyota Camry, the Tesla wins in every scenario including cost per mile, maintenance expenses, overall cost and more. Check out the comparison charts here!

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