Fire-resistant homes with Christine Ross: Addition building and design

Episode 47

Joining us on this episode of The Building Code is Christine Ross of Addition Building and Design out of Sherman Oaks, Ca. Tom, Paul and Christine dig into the challenges of building in California, including dealing with fire-resistant building codes and water conservation.


Christine lives in California, which is a wildfire-prone and drought-ridden area of the USA. The building codes can be strict to keep homes as safe as possible. Some examples include not using wood, no decks, landscaping being farther from the house, having fire sprinklers within every home and using composite products.

Two challenges Christine and her team face regularly include making cement look appealing and designing around water tanks. In California, cement walls are commonly built around homes to help with containing fires. Large, green water tanks are placed in front of homes to collect water. Christine said they have to make cement look better in their designs by adding patterns.

The key to designing homes under strict fire-resistant building codes is to get the client to like the design of alternate materials.


Tom mentions the Telsa Cybertruck once again. Should we start a tally of how often he mentions Tesla on the podcast in 2020?

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