Spec houses with Jared Phifer: Revolve-Design Build

Episode 42

Joining us on this episode of The Building Code is Jared Phifer, owner of Revolve Design-Build based in Denver. The guys talk to Jared about his recent experience building a spec house.


Jared and his team usually follow a client led design-build process but decided to step outside of their comfort zone and build a spec house.

Soon after breaking ground on the lot in fall 2018, Jared and his team started feeling the pain many of their clients face while going through the building process. Some hardships they experienced involved staying within the budget, making design sacrifices and pulling back on square footage.

The spec house, lovingly referred to as the “Techno Barn” by neighbors, was completed in May 2019. The house sold, and although it did not sell for as much as Jared had hoped, they still made money on it.

Money was not the only thing gained during the spec house experience. They were able to sit in the seat their clients sit in and are now able to understand what their clients go through. Jared said the experience they gained was priceless.

When asked if he would do it again, Jared said “Definitely!” We cannot wait to see what the team at Revolve Design-Build does next.


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