Improving work culture with Rob Carlisle: Carlisle Classic Homes

Episode 39

On this episode of The Building Code, we’re joined by Rob Carlisle, owner of Carlisle Classic Homes. Rob shares about the culture he’s built at his company and the reasons he chose Buildertrend as his project management software.


Carlisle Classic Homes was voted among the top 100 best companies to work for by Seattle Business Magazine. This has a lot to do with the culture Rob has created. Rob integrated a concept he calls “Read for Reviews” where his employees must read a personal development book in time for their yearly review. Some books Rob encourages them to read are:

Rob says by encouraging his employees to read different personal development books, it helps them form an owner mentality which causes a ripple effect throughout the company. When employees take the time to work on personal development, it betters the process for the clients and betters themselves along the way.

Buildertrend university

After attending Buildertrend University in 2018, Rob learned how he was underutilizing the training Buildertrend had to offer. After seeing the abundance of support he could receive, he started relying on his Buildertrend team. Now, when a homeowner is confused on how to accomplish something within the Buildertrend app and a Carlisle Classic Homes employee is also stumped, Rob sets up an email correspondence between the homeowner and the Buildertrend support team to help solve any problems or confusion they have. So, not only is the Buildertrend team able to help Rob and his employees, they are able to help Rob’s customers as well!


Buildertrend University


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