Feature Spotlight: Owner Portal with Nick Pitsch

Episode 38

On this episode of The Building Code, we’re joined by our very own Nick Pitsch who is a training coordinator here at Buildertrend. He also happens to be a big fan of this podcast, so we were thrilled when he agreed to come on to talk about a beloved Buildertrend feature – the Owner Portal!

Owner Portal 411

The Owner Portal allows our clients to customize what information and the amount of information they would like the homeowners to be able to see regarding their home remodeling or building project. Nick believes any Buildertrend user who has clients should be using the Owner Portal. Why?


Transparency is valuable in the eyes of a consumer in 2019 and as Paul points out, that will not be changing anytime soon. The Owner Portal is quick and easy to set up and allows homeowners to know what stage of completion their home is at. In other words, it saves builders time on the phone and gives homeowners peace of mind. A true win-win situation.

Paul & Pitsch’s Tips

  • The Owner Portal should be a part of the sales pitch to customers.
  • Upload and share photos with the homeowner.
  • Use your To-Dos feature to remind yourself to update the Daily Logs so the homeowners can count on getting updates consistently.
  • Choose a photo of the project manager for the profile picture of the project. This allows the homeowners to see a familiar face when they log in to see updates on their home.
  • In the video section, create a welcome video to your client introducing them to the entire team.

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