How shipping containers are disrupting the industry: RoxBox

Episode 35

You won’t able to contain yourself after listening to this episode of The Building Code! Our guest this week is Anthony Halsch, founder and CEO of RoxBox Containers based in Erie, Co. We’re discussing what sparked the idea of using shipping containers, and what the future of shipping container construction looks like.

The Start of RoxBox

A motorcycle accident, an encouraging economics professor and Anthony’s hustle to make extra money are to thank for the start of RoxBox Containers. While working toward his bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Reservoir Systems and master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering, Anthony was looking to make extra money and heard of an opportunity to deliver shipping containers for some fast cash.

After experiencing bad customer service with shipping container companies, Anthony decided to use the money from his accident to purchase two shipping containers and resell them. Within four months, Anthony had done more than $400,000 in business, and his economics professor advised him to drop out of college to pursue his shipping container business.

Shipping Containers

Once RoxBox began modifying containers, the company quickly found its niche. The company builds within the commercial market and one of its specialties is called the Beer Can, which is a mobile bar and tap room. The team at RoxBox plans to expand to the residential market by the end of 2020.

You may be wondering, why shipping containers? Anthony explained they’re airtight, durable and fiercely strong while being able to have a faux outward appearance. Fun fact: one of RoxBox’s shipping container modifications was one of the only beach structures to survive Hurricane Maria when it struck Puerto Rico in 2017.

Want to learn more about the future of shipping containers in the industry? Listen to the full episode to unpack all shipping containers have to offer!

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