BTU experience with Jenny Sneller: Sneller Custom Homes

Episode 34 

On this episode of The Building Code we’re joined by Jenny Sneller, co-owner of Sneller Custom Homes, to talk about her experience attending our inaugural Buildertrend University on the Road in Dallas. We’re talking expectations and key takeaways after attending the sessions at BTU in Dallas.

Sneller Custom Homes

Sneller Custom Homes is a custom home and remodeling business based out of Spring, Texas. Matt and Jenny Sneller started their business in 2011 and began using Buildertrend in 2012. They like to say Buildertrend was their first employee. Now, they have four employees who joined us in Dallas.

Expectations and Experience

When headed to BTU on the Road, Jenny was expecting to learn about how big the Buildertrend software is and how it can help them. She was looking forward to getting excited about Buildertrend with her employees.

Jenny and her team “drank from the fire hose” after attending sessions in Dallas. They agreed they learned a ton of new information, enjoyed socializing and loved the food. Jenny learned a lot of valuable information in “Hollywood Tom’s” class about video and file management. Want to learn more about her key takeaways? Be sure to listen to the full episode!

Buildertrend University

If you are wanting to dive in and learn all there is to do within Buildertrend, sign up for an upcoming Buildertrend University session in Omaha, Neb. And stay tuned for future announcements about BTU on the Road – Dallas is just the beginning!

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