IBS builder talks: A Finer Touch Construction – High-end drinking fountains in Arizona

Episode 3

Brad Leavitt, president of A Finer Touch Construction (Scottsdale, Arizona), joins us on The Building Code podcast at the International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, Nevada, to share his experience with moving his company from Excel to Buidertrend, building high-end drinking fountains, and creating a strong Instagram presence.

Two years ago, Brad and his team at A Finer Touch Construction ditched their antiquated Excel spreadsheets for Buildertrend construction project management software; for them, making this change was a no-brainer. First, they added their residential projects to Buildertrend, then they moved commercial projects to the program.

A Finer Touch Construction has strong “high-end drinking fountain” game. In Arizona – where the dry heat is present year-round – having cool water easily available is a must. Per Brad, “Think about it. It’s Arizona, where it’s hot. The kids can run in, get a drink out of the drinking fountain, and they don’t need a glass.” Well done, A Finer Touch Construction. Well done.

While Brad is not new to the world of construction, there are a few things that have really changed for him in the last two years. Not only has he attended IBS for the last two years, but Instagram has recently been a game changer for his business. In 2019 alone, out of their numerous projects across residential and commercial, four custom builds came from Instagram leads. There’s only one way to describe that – “wild.”

A Finer Touch Construction is a residential builder and commercial contractor, with a team of 13 employees. For their team, project and business management are all about being diverse, and that means managing many types of projects and business processes within Buildertrend.

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