Recruiting and managing people

Episode 25

On this episode of The Building Code we are joined by two of our very own: Megan Maslanka, VP of Human Resources, and Makayla Hoover, Director of Talent Acquisition, to discuss how to attract and obtain employees. We’re also chatting about culture and how it can lead to success for any company, big or small!

Mission Statements and Meaningful Connections

Mission statements … why are they important? What role do they play in attracting talent? Well, if you’re unfamiliar with them, mission statements are used to define a company both internally and externally. When creating a mission statement for your company, it’s all about keeping them specific and brief, according to Makayla. Doing so will help people truly believe in it.

When it comes to our experience here at Buildertrend, once we get people in the door, how do we keep them? Megan chooses to use the word essence rather than the over-used buzzword, culture, to answer that. To many organizations, culture relates to things like perks, food and fun events. At Buildertrend, we try to help employees understand the essence by making meaningful connections with peers.

Interviewing, Shadowing and Onboarding

The interviewing and hiring process at Buildertrend is detailed, but for good reason. It starts with a phone conversation with the candidate where the job details are laid out and the interviewer gets to know more about the candidate. From there, an onsite interview is suggested. If all goes well, job shadowing for a few hours is encouraged to help the candidate understand the position and set everyone up for success.

Once an employee has accepted a position, that begins the extensive onboarding process we’ve got in place here. The first 60 days for new employees are filled with onboarding meetings where they can learn about all aspects of the company, as well as company procedures and policies. This gives them the big picture and drives motivation in the workplace. One of the best parts? We have a meeting called “Meet the Managers” where all our new hires meet the entire leadership team in a casual setting, and everyone takes a few minutes to introduce themselves to better get to know one another.

Essentially, it’s all about first impressions and making sure we have a fun, engaging atmosphere filled with activities that allows the new hires to get excited about Buildertrend. And if you were really listening … it turns out Paul and Makayla were both correct! The song Mo Money Mo Problems was by The Notorious B.I.G., but featured P Diddy (or Puff Daddy as Paul called him. Come on, Paul! He hasn’t been Puff Daddy since circa 2000.)

Sample Interview Questions:

  • Home do you combat rejection?
  • What would you do if you were rejected X amount of times?
  • If you were put in a situation where you failed, how did you come back?


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