How to build a successful team: Legend Homes

Episode 23

Andy Ferguson (Vice President) and project manager – and new dad! – Joe Crider of Legend Homes, join us on The Building Code this episode to chat about building a strong team.

Legend Homes started in 2006. While it may not have been the best year to start a home building business, things worked out okay for this company. They didn’t yet own any lots, so the Legend Homes team luckily didn’t have much baggage to weigh them down. This startup time also allowed them to focus on honing their skills and get even better at what they do.

Honing Skills and Hiring the Right People

In order to get business during this latest U.S. Housing Bubble, the team at Legend Homes knew they needed to be very good at what they offer. So, their skills–combined with the willingness to remodel whatever customers asked for–carried them through. Today, Legend Homes employs 15 people and will complete around 25 homes custom homes this year – a $30 million volume!

“All our staff are very good communicators and are very good at working with our customers,” Andy explained. “We built our team with people that can help us pull that off. It’s all about the people that have the intangible skills that you can’t teach.”

Making the Leap from Spreadsheets to Buildertrend to Empower Employees

If you’d seen the Legend Homes’ project management and employee onboarding processes nine months ago, “it might be pretty comical,” says Andy. There were a lot of three-ring binders and paper copies of estimates and bids, and they had a purchase order system based on an Excel spreadsheet. If someone wanted to double check anything on a project, he or she had to physically drive to the office and check the binder. When Joe started at Legend Homes about one year ago, he noticed right away that something wasn’t quite adding up.

As Legend Homes began to grow – and started to hire new, younger employees – they realized they didn’t really have a way to train and onboard. From changing project management processes to adding a more robust onboarding method, the Legend Homes leadership knew it all needed to happen … they knew there had to be a better way to do business and communicate with employees.

Now, nine months later, it’s hard for the Legend Homes team to believe they ever did any of that without the help of Buildertrend. A big issue for the team was communication – getting the information to the correct people in a timely fashion. Because they knew the communication gaps needed to be addressed fast, the Daily Logs feature was the first Buildertrend tool they implemented, and this changed their business overnight.

Using Buildertrend University for Faster Adoption

To deep dive and get a better understanding of Buildertrend, Andy and Joe attended Buildertrend University, our two-day user conference hosted at Buildertrend HQ. Both of them highly recommend it to anyone on the fence about attending. Meeting a lot of different people and spending valuable one-on-one time with their Buildertrend Coach made the whole event worth the travel and time away from their office. “It didn’t feel like I was going to a paid conference where they just wanted me there for the money … it was a very a personal and first-class experience,” shared Joe. Interested in attending Buildertrend University? Join us in Omaha or on the road!

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