Buildertrend spotlight: Customer Success with Scott Siegert

Episode 22

On this first Buildertrend Team Spotlight on The Building Code our very own VP of Customer Success, Scott Siegert, joins us to discuss exactly what a Customer Success Manager is responsible for and how important this team is for successful adoption of Buildertrend.

What is the Customer Success Team?

Simply put, our clients rely on the Buildertrend Customer Success (CS) team. After our Sales team signs up a new client, our CS team’s job is to onboard the client as soon as possible to ensure successful Buildertrend adoption and usage. This team provides ongoing support for our clients – available whenever the client has a question or needs a friendly reminder on how to use one of our features.

Our CS team is made up of over 120 employees and varying degrees of backgrounds and experiences. Many may think we hire people who have worked in the construction industry, but what we really look for are great communicators. While someone can learn about the Buildertrend software and the construction industry, it’s nearly impossible to learn how to be personable and engaging. Luckily, we find great communicators who are both personable and engaging, and they come to Buildertrend with backgrounds as chefs, teachers, firefighters, sales representatives … you name it! We hire people who want to be here and want to help our clients have a successful experience with Buildertrend.

The Life of a Customer Success Manager

After we hire a new Customer Success Manager (CSM), his or her first eight weeks are spent in our CSM Training Program. This is when the new CSM learns the ins and outs of the Buildertrend software, how to teach it to other people, and all about operational policies and industry knowledge. After this training period is over, the CSM ready to do his or her job and help our clients, no matter where they are located in the world or what type of work they do.

All About Scott

Since Scott’s team is (to be blunt) fairly massive, he relies a lot on delegation. He recognized a few years ago that he was directly managing too many people, which meant there wasn’t enough individual coaching time available. From this realization came an org change; one senior manager was promoted to dedicate his or her time to every group of 15 CSMs, and the whole team benefitted.

When it comes to Scott himself, here are a few fun facts:

  • His hobbies are “super boring” … golfing, hanging out with friends and family, snowboarding and skiing.
  • He loves to eat cheeseburgers and fries, steak and tacos. The best place to get a cheeseburger? Gibsons (in Chicago) or right here in Omaha at his own house!
  • Scott is a real fashionable guy. While he stays modest, many people here at Buildertrend wonder where he buys his clothes. He claims that he finds them online, specifically through Instagram ads … we guess we’ll believe him.

Give this episode a listen to learn more about Scott and our entire Customer Success team.

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