Feature spotlight: To-Do’s

Episode 19

Jeff Koraleski, a technical services manager (TSM) at Buildertrend, joins us on The Building Code, for a “Feature Spotlight” on a true client favorite – To-Do’s!

Starting out as a customer success manager (something our listeners may know as a Buildertrend Coach) and spending some time on our product team before taking on his current role as a TSM, it’s safe to say that Jeff knows our product backwards and forwards, which is exactly why he’s the perfect person to discuss everything about the To-Do’s feature.

All About To-Do’s

In Buildertrend, the To-Do’s feature is located under the Project Management tab. The best thing about this tool: it’s easy to use for any kind of project. It doesn’t matter what size of company you are or what type of work you do, chances are you’ll love this feature if you aren’t already using it. Before implementing Buildertrend to-do lists, our clients use a wide variety of methods to track these tasks – Excel spreadsheets, with pen and paper … the back of drywall? Jeff has seen it all.

The primary function of the To-Do’s feature is to create a long checklist. As you walk the job site and notice things that need fixed, you can easily make your checklist and assign tasks to the right people, all from your phone and the Buildertrend mobile app.

Cool Features You’ll Find in the To-Do’s Tool

Take a photo to show your team or customer what exactly needs to be fixed. Draw an annotation to the photo with a handy arrow or whatever works for you to include more context and direction. Add the photo and annotation to your to-do list with a deadline to provide the perfect instructions for whomever is in charge of making the fix.

Your team or a sub can check off when a to-do list item is done, as well as upload a photo to prove to you that the fix was done correctly. Handy, right?

To-Do’s: An Oldie, but a Goodie … and Constantly Evolving

While the To-Do’s feature may seem simple enough today, it’s actually come a long way from where it first started with the help of client feedback. As a TSM, Jeff’s job is to take what our Buildertrend Coaches hear from our clients and relay that feedback to our product development team. A “win” for Jeff and the rest of our TSMs is to see a feature enhancement come through the idea pipeline and be pushed through to the live product. A really cool new product update that came from a client suggestion? Recurring items in the To-Do’s tool. This recent feature enhancement allows you to easily create the same checklist every week for your site walks

More About Our Guest

This wouldn’t be a “Feature Spotlight” episode without a fun fact (or two) about our guest, Jeff.

  • Jeff makes his own pottery! He’s in the process of converting his garage to a pottery studio, where he’ll have his own wheel and supplies (minus the kiln).
  • He loves his two English Bulldogs, Minion and Penny.

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