Live from Buildertrend University: NS Builders

Episode 15

The Building Code is live from Buildertrend University with NS Builders’ Nick Schiffer.

While you may already “know” him from Instagram, we really got to know Nick. How did he get his start? After working for his father and for a high-rise construction company, plus taking on a lot of side work – he decided to start NS Builders on his own. In 2014, the company was started … with Nick (NS) himself as the sole employee. After doing an entire renovation by himself and working seven days a week, he knew he could only go up from there. For the first two years of business, he continued to take on whatever jobs he could with help from friends and family. From that point, he started hiring more team members and the ball really started rolling.

Around the same time that he founded NS Builders, Nick also started his Instagram account (and, other social platforms). Once he started sharing the work he was doing, Nick made one promise to himself: to just be consistent in his posting and always share what NS Builders was up to (and spoiler alert: it worked). After some time, he began receiving messages about the work he was doing and people wanted to chat about it, and he knew immediately that it was worth the time he was putting in. So, he upped his game even further to include more of the “why” NS Builders was doing the work and having meaningful conversations with people.

And now? NS Builders gets most of its business through social media; and if they don’t come directly from social media, it’s used as the final piece of the puzzle to encourage homeowners to choose them as their builder.

When it comes to the people of the NS Builders team, it’s obviously not just Nick anymore. He’s grown his team to over 15 people, and we’ll give you one guess as to how they came to work for him … through social media. Thirteen of those came through Instagram, either through finding Nick’s profile organically, responding to ads or through Nick finding them on his own. Amazing, right?

From a relentless focus on high-quality work to all things attitude, you don’t want to miss everything else we discussed with Nick Schiffer on this episode.

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