The story of Buildertrend: A talk with founders Dan Houghton, Steve Dugger and Jeff Dugger

Episode 1

Buildertrend co-founders Dan Houghton, Steve Dugger and Jeff Dugger kick off The Building Code podcast with the story of how Buildertrend came to be, as well as anecdotes that speak to the rapid growth and success of the company.

Buildertrend is a software as a service solution for construction professionals and is based in Omaha, Nebraska. With over 400 full-time employees, Buildertrend has consistently seen 50% year-over-year growth with no sign of stopping. Clients log into a desktop and/or mobile app to access nearly 30 core features that help them better manage their construction businesses in the field, from the office or from home.

Before Buildertrend was founded, Dan, Steve and Jeff managed a separate software company called Dimension Technology, which had the goal of turning paper forms into online business processes. A few years and several beers later, our three heroes evolved their initial idea into a full-fledged SaaS solution targeting the construction industry. Why construction? Homebuilding was hot at the time, and a lot of contractors had bid work with Dimension Technology to get help with their business processes, so our three heroes became interested and educated on the industry.

Several years and many iterations of Buildetrend later, Dan, Steve and Jeff have created not only a successful product, but also a holistic business around construction project management software.

Some Secrets of their Success:

  • Take advantage of opportunities
  • Look for the positive beneath the negative and make something from it
  • Know your numbers – inside and out
  • Partner with people who balance others out
  • Understand what kind of company you want or what you have, and be sure to think about it in the right frame of mind
  • Pick up the phone!

The Men Behind Buildertrend

Dan Houghton – Co-founder & EVP
Dan has earned a distinguished sales and marketing career with both private and public technology organizations. At Buildertrend, he oversees Sales, Business Development, Strategic Partnerships, HR and Culture, as well as has led Buildertrend’s expansion in the global market.

Steve Dugger – Co-founder & EVP
In 2006, Steve Dugger co-founded Buildertrend with his brother Jeff and friend Dan Houghton. As Co-Founder, Steve oversees corporate strategy, as well as financial and customer operations. He’s proof that an idea sparked from a basement can bloom into one of the United States’ fastest-growing tech companies. Today, with nearly one million users across the globe, Buildertrend empowers the construction industry with a better way to build.

Connect with Steve

Jeff Dugger – Co-founder & EVP
Jeff is a software company entrepreneur specializing in the creation and management of construction offerings. He’s always looking to innovate and improve in order to bring value to the Buildertrend team and customers, as well as to the marketplace.

Connect with Jeff

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