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Key benefits of PrioSoft integration

  • This integration eliminates double entry – just do the work once and import it directly
  • You don’t have to worry about any interruption of workflow. You are used to using PrioSoft and nothing has to change, just import to Buildertrend when you are finished
  • It’s simple and easy, you can make this happen with the click of a button

What is Priosoft?

PrioSoft is a suite of construction software designed to provide superior business organization

  • PrioSoft’s Contractor’s Office software is designed to help save you time estimating, win more bids and make bigger profits.
  • With the user-friendly interface that PrioSoft offers, you will be creating more accurate and professional looking construction estimates.
  • This construction estimating software not only lets you easily create estimates, but also manage scheduling and track accounting – all in one place.