A faster, simpler way to pay and get paid

Accurate cash flow depends on how quickly you can send or receive money. If you’re always waiting for a check to be deposited or chasing down client payments – you’ll never know where you stand. Buildertrend Payments provides the solution.

Financial services payments graphic

Quick payments

You don’t have to chase checks, and clients want the convenience of paying online

Saved time

Money is in your account before you even have to worry about it

Better cash flow

Start your next project with confidence knowing you have the funds

Get paid faster

Say goodbye to those awkward, “When are you going to pay me?” texts, deposit funds directly to your account and keep track of incoming payments in one place.

Ensure incoming funds

Request payments at any point during a project

Stand out from the competition

Impress clients with convenient payments options

Stay organized

Record incoming payments instantly and set due dates for auto reminders

Send payments efficiently

Stop wasting time delivering checks or waiting for subs to pick them up. Get back to what really matters – building. Paying your subs is now as easy as sending an email. A few simple clicks, and you’re done.

For builders

Reduce manual processes

There’s no need to write checks or hand-deliver them to your subs

Save money on postage

Mailing payments is a thing of the past

Spend less time waiting

Funds are sent instantly and can be deposited immediately

Experience financial transparency

Know the status of your bottom line in real time

For subcontractors

Receive payments by email

No signup or login needed

Choose how to receive payment

Options include self-printed check or mailed check

Accept payments from a mobile device

Accept and deposit funds on the go

A lot of these subs are on their phones, not really at a computer. They’re just go, go, go. I think the ease of getting an email if they choose to sign up for direct deposit is so quick and it’s less steps for them. That’s the biggest thing – making it easier for our subs. Because they’re not going to want to do a ton on their end. It’s super advantageous.
Lauren Durr
NEON Construction
Our clients love to hear that we offer bank transfers. They’re blown away by it. They tell us that no one else they’ve interviewed to do their job offers it.
Emily Banks
Otto Remodeling

Frequently asked questions

Rates will vary based on how payments are being sent and received.

Receiving payments from clients:

  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover: 2.95% + $0.30/transaction
  • American Express: 3.95% + $0.30/transaction
    ($1.99 fee minimum and $15.00 fee maximum for all payment methods)

Sending payments to subs and vendors:
Digital and mailed checks are all $1.49 per transaction. (This service is free for subs and vendors receiving payments.)

Your subcontractors will receive e-checks immediately through the email you send. It’ll then depend on how quickly they open their email and which deposit option they choose. They can choose from one of these two options:

  • Digital checks: Available immediately for deposit
  • Mailed checks: Delivered by USPS in 3-14 business days

Processing times for ACH and credit card range from one to five business days. However, Chase customers are eligible for same-day transactions or next-day settlements.

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