Buildertrend Wallet Program Terms

Last updated: October 26, 2022

These Buildertrend Wallet Program Terms (the “Terms”) set forth requirements for participation in the Buildertrend wallet program (the “BT Wallet”) and the Terms that govern use of the BT Wallet, the deposit account opened in connection with the BT Wallet, and the debit cards issued in connection with the BT Wallet (“Cards”).  

These Terms supplement, and are hereby incorporated into, those certain Buildertrend Terms and Conditions (together with any applicable Order Form issued thereunder, the “Agreement”) executed by the customer named in the Order Form, or the BT Wallet account holder (the “Customer”).  Capitalized terms not otherwise defined in these Terms shall have the meaning given to such terms in the Agreement. In the event of a conflict between the Terms and the Agreement, the applicable terms of the Terms shall control.

In addition to these Terms and the Agreement, Customer’s use of the BT Wallet is governed by the Buildertrend Business Account and Mastercard Terms (the “Deposit and Cardholder Agreement”) which is between Customer, Buildertrend, and Piermont Bank. In the event of a conflict between the Terms and the Deposit and Cardholder Agreement, the applicable terms of the Deposit and Cardholder Agreement shall control. 

1. Banking Services

Banking services for our wallet product are provided by Piermont Bank, Member FDIC (the “Bank”). Your transactions will be processed through an FBO account at Piermont Bank for the benefit of our customers or users. We will provide you a monthly summary statement that describes your transactions. Your deposit balances held at Piermont Bank are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”) for up to the legal limit (currently $250,000 for each category of legal ownership).

2. Card Terms For Users

All Cards are issued by the Bank. The Agreement, these Terms, and the Deposit and Cardholder Agreement govern Customer’s use of the Cards. Customer and its employees utilizing Cards (“Employee Users”) may only use the Cards if Customer and Employee Users consent to these Terms. Buildertrend reserves the right to change or modify any of the terms and conditions contained in these Terms at any time, by posting the new Terms on The most current version of these Terms and related documents will be located on Customer’s and Employee User’s continued use of the Cards constitutes acceptance of the updated Terms.

3. Onboarding, Roles, and Access Levels

Buildertrend conducts an onboarding process for all Customers and Employee Users. As part of the onboarding process, Buildertrend and its third party financial services and compliance partners will follow all Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) and Know Your Customer (“KYC”) requirements by collecting certain information from each Customer and Employee User to verify each Customer’s and Employee User’s identity. Customers and Employee Users must successfully complete the onboarding process and be approved by Buildertrend, it’s financial services partner, and the third party KYC partner before processing payments within BT Wallet.

After being approved, Employee Users will have differing access rights based on the role granted to them by Customer and Customer’s Wallet Administrator. The roles and corresponding access rights are as follow:

RoleAccess Rights
Wallet Administrator
  • Create and eliminate roles
  • View all transactions and activity
  • Create and eliminate Cards
  • Move, deposit, and withdraw money
  • Freeze and replace Cards
  • Read-only view of all transactions and activity
  • Read-only view of all transactions of assigned Card
  • Freeze and replace assigned Card

4. Activating the Cards

Cards must be activated prior to use, and each Employee User must first have an active profile configured by Customer or Customer’s Wallet Administrator. Customer and Employee Users will receive physical Cards by mail and will activate the Cards by entering the relevant validation information in the BT Wallet account portal (the “Portal”). There are no additional steps needed to activate electronic Cards. By activating a Card or participating in the BT Wallet in any way, Employee Users represent that they have read and understand these Terms.

5. Card Limits and Fees

Buildertrend and the Bank may establish aggregate limits for all of the Cards issued to Customers and Employee Users, but in any event, the Cards shall be subject to available funds in the Customer’s account (the “BT Wallet Account”). In addition, Customer and Wallet Administrators may set user-specific limits or spending controls within the preset limits. Buildertrend, the Bank, and Wallet Administrators may establish limits on the types of merchants with which Customer and Employee Users may make purchases and the types of permitted transactions. Buildertrend, the Bank, and Wallet Administrators also may restrict the maximum amount of any particular transaction and the number of transactions allowed for the BT Wallet Account or individual Cards.

Buildertrend reserves the right to: (i) decline any transaction that would cause Customer to exceed any applicable limit; (ii) decline transactions at merchants that are characterized by the Card network (the “Network”) or Buildertrend as prohibited or restricted merchants; and (iii) decline transactions, reverse transactions, and suspend Cards for any other reason, including for violation of the Agreement, these Terms, Network rules, or suspected fraud. Buildertrend is not responsible for losses of any kind resulting from declined or reversed transactions. Merchants typically accept all Network-branded Cards; however, Buildertrend is not responsible and will have no liability if a merchant refuses to honor a Card. Buildertrend further reserves the right to place a hold on a Card for any transaction. When a hold is placed on a Card, the amount of the hold will reduce the available spend until the hold is released.

Employees Users who are not Wallet Administrators will not be permitted to establish or modify settings. For example, a Wallet Administrator may establish settings that allow only certain Employee Users to use certain Cards, that modify the spending limits applicable to an Employee User or Card, that limit the categories of purchases that may be authorized for an Employee User or a Card, or the amount of transactions that may be performed with a Card in a day or month, or other items within their discretion. A Wallet Administrator may change such settings from time to time without an Employee User’s consent.

While Buildertrend attempts to control the use of the Card to the parameters selected, Customer agrees to pay for all transactions on the BT Wallet Account regardless of whether such charges are within or outside the parameters established for each Card and Employee User.

Any fees charged by Buildertrend will be made available (the “Fee Schedule”) at the time of onboarding, and within the Portal. For any questions around the Fee Schedule, reach out to your Buildertrend representative at

6. Requesting and Replacing Cards

Wallet Administrators may request Cards for Employee Users, but may only request Cards for and provide Cards to individuals that are direct employees of Customer. Cards may be denied or canceled due to changes in policies, as required by law, or for other reasons Buildertrend determines are appropriate under the circumstances.  Customers and Employee Users will be able to view transactions and manage Cards, based on the applicable access rights, through the Portal.

Customer or a Wallet Administrator will promptly notify Buildertrend and take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized transactions when a Card is lost, stolen, breached, or needs to be replaced. In such cases, Customer or Wallet Administrators may request the issuance of replacement Cards through the Portal. Buildertrend reserves the right to ask Customer, Wallet Administrator, or Employee Users for certain verification information, or to conduct KYC procedures using the third party company when investigating lost, stolen, or breached Cards and granting new or replacement Cards. Replacement Cards may have new account numbers that will require Customer or Employee Users to update the Card on file for any scheduled or recurring payments. If Customer or the applicable Employee User does not update the Card for scheduled or recurring payments, the transactions may not be completed. Customer and Employee Users are solely responsible for updating Cards stored with merchants where account numbers have been changed.

7. Using Cards; Transactions

Customer and Employee Users may only use Cards for bona fide business-related transactions and ATM cash withdrawals within the limit. Cards may not be used for cash advances in any circumstances.  Cards may only be used to complete transactions in the United States.  Customer is responsible for selecting a Wallet Administrator, and Customer and Wallet Administrator is responsible for selecting who should have access to Cards. Customer agrees to establish and maintain controls designed to ensure that its Card and the Cards of its Employee Users are only used for bona fide business-related, Customer purposes and in compliance with these Terms, the Deposit and Cardholder Agreement, and the Network rules. Customer is solely responsible for transactions made by any individuals given access to Cards. Buildertrend, the Network, or the Bank may deny or reverse transactions for any reason. Buildertrend is not responsible for any losses, damages, or harm caused by transactions that are denied or reversed.

8. Disputing Transactions

Customer is responsible for reviewing periodic statements promptly and identifying any transactions that Customer believes are unauthorized or that Customer disputes.

If Customer and a merchant have a dispute regarding a transaction identified on its periodic statement, such as delivery of incorrect goods or services or being charged the wrong amount, Customer should first attempt to resolve the dispute with the merchant. If the dispute is not resolved to Customer’s satisfaction or if Customer believes the transaction is unauthorized, Customer shall follow the chargeback processes set forth in the Deposit and Cardholder Agreement.

Customer understands that the transactions made using Cards are subject to Network rules regarding chargebacks. Procedures for resolving chargeback disputes may require Customer to provide details of the disputed transaction or associated documentation and may limit the types of transactions that are eligible to be disputed.

Customer understands that the BT Wallet Account and Cards are commercial in nature and that Card-related consumer protection laws, including the Electronic Funds Transfer Act and Regulation E, do not apply to chargeback disputes or other Card-related disputes.

9. Cashback Rewards Program

The BT Wallet Cashback Rewards Program (the “Cashback Rewards Program”) refunds two percent (2%) of the value of each purchase made with Cards to the Customer. There are no limits on the number or amount of purchases or participating categories. However, the Cashback Rewards Program only applies to purchases approved by the Network. Card transactions funded by rebate credits also do not apply for cashback rewards. Cashback rewards will not be awarded to rejected, failed, or reversed transactions, or any ATM transactions. The value percentage of the cashback rewards may be modified or eliminated at any time, without prior notice to Customer, at the discretion of Buildertrend. Any limits on purchase amounts or participant categories that apply to cashback rewards may also be modified or eliminated at any time, without prior notice to Customer, at the discretion of Buildertrend. The cashback rewards will be calculated at the end of each calendar month, utilizing the approved transactions from the Cards. The cashback rewards obtained will be frozen for a period of thirty (30) calendar days and will then subsequently be credited as a positive credit in the BT Wallet Account of Customer. Earned cashback and redeemed cashback amounts can be viewed in the BT Wallet Account balance report.

10. Default

A BT Wallet Account may be in default where Customer or its Employee Users breach the Agreement, these Terms, or any of the agreements, terms, and policies incorporated by reference; where Customer opens or maintains a BT Wallet Account using inaccurate or false information; or where Customer or Employee Users pose an unacceptable regulatory or financial risk to Buildertrend or third parties.

If Buildertrend determines that Customer is in default, Customer’s and Employee User’s transactions may not be authorized, new Cards may not be issued, current Cards may be revoked, and Buildertrend may take additional actions in its sole discretion.

11. Closing

Customer agrees to immediately notify Buildertrend if Customer wants to close the BT Wallet Account and terminate rights as a Cardholder. Customer may close the BT Wallet Account by sending an email to After the BT Wallet Account is closed, Buildertrend has no obligation to accept deposits or pay outstanding items but may do so at Buildertrend’s discretion. Customer agrees to hold us harmless for honoring or refusing to honor any check, paper draft, or other item on a closed BT Wallet Account. If a balance remains in the BT Wallet Account at the time of its closure, a check made payable to the account owner as listed in our records will be sent to the address on file within fourteen (14) business days of the final transaction and/or of receiving the request to close the BT Wallet Account.

12. Disclaimer

Buildertrend provides a residential construction project management software, among other services, for its customers. Buildertrend is a Software as a Service (“SaaS”) and technology company, not a bank, money transmitter, or Money Services Business (“MSB”), and Buildertrend does not offer banking or MSB services as defined by the United States Department of Treasury.

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