Why your marketing isn’t getting you all the leads you thought it would

This day and age is an awesome time for construction companies to effectively talk to a specific audience. However, many companies still aren’t doing what it takes to compete. Sure, you think you’ve invested in the marketing for your business … maybe you rebranded and revamped your logo. And maybe you’ve got a pretty new website. Social media platforms? Yes. Yard signs? Yes. Vehicle wraps? You bet. Home show handouts? Of course. Even though you think you’ve done all that is necessary, none of those things really talk to specific potential customers. So, it’s time to rethink your marketing strategy and make the changes that will bring you the leads you want and need. These might just be a few of the things getting in the way:

You don’t really know your audience so you aren’t connecting like you should be.
Have you segmented the different groups of clients that you do business with? Have you specifically identified the clients that you want more business from? Knowing who your various audiences are on different platforms is crucial, as is understanding who your ideal target clients are that you want to focus on. Once you really understand who you are talking to, you can really start to speak to clients’ needs, wants, complaints, etc. Have you ever tried talking to clients about their needs rather than just pushing your business? Truly connecting with your past, present and potential clients means showing that you have been listening to them and in turn, you should have a higher chance of getting more leads, earning their trust and starting a working relationship.

You’ve been sending the wrong message.
The days of combining sales messages with your marketing messages are over. Your company’s marketing messages should be pure and they should highlight your one differentiating factor. Why one? Because you don’t want to bombard anyone with all sorts of features and too much information. Tell people why they should do business with you and give them one indisputable reason.

You aren’t meeting your target customers where they already are.
It might not hurt to survey some current customers and see what channels they pay attention to most. Is it email or is it Facebook? Is it Twitter or is it Instagram? By gaining insight into what channels they found your company on and what channels they pay attention to most in general, you can then work on shifting your company’s marketing attention to those specific channels.

You aren’t telling stories.
Let your work speak for itself by highlighting why your clients chose to work with you. Testimonials and case studies are great as it gives you, and your clients, to be transparent. Don’t be afraid to use specific metrics in your case studies. And be sure to have these stories told from the client’s perspective, not yours.

You aren’t giving certain tactics a chance.
Some marketing tactics take more time than others … so don’t put a whole bunch of money into something, put the right message in the right channel and then stop before it reaches its tipping point. That’s just a waste. Marketing takes time so keep pressing forward and you’ll see results.

You aren’t providing enough third party validation.
Serious potential clients want to see what others have had to say about you in the past, so you should work towards getting as many reviews and in-depth comments as you can. And remember, these people aren’t expecting perfection. The best reviews are honest and will mention hiccups that were encountered throughout a project, but they’ll talk about how well your company handled them.

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