Why there’s no risk to purchasing Builder’s Risk Insurance


It’s an indisputable fact: You’re a good person – no, great. As the upstanding citizen you are, you’d never think to steal from another person. Of course not! Feeling pretty awesome about yourself now, right? Well, we want you to put those angelic intentions of yours on pause.

OK. Ready?

Now that your inner baddie has been evoked, it’s time to get in the mind of a robber. Sure, you might not have an all-black ski mask or the ability to crack a safe in a snap but thinking like a criminal is the best way to assess the risks you face as a homebuilder.

Imagine this … you have the option to steal from two different homes. One is well-lit, locked up and occupied with a family happily inside. The other is still just a darkened construction site, unsecured but still full of valuable materials free for the taking. Which are you going to target?

Yeah, it doesn’t take a criminal mastermind to solve that riddle. Someone who loves a good five-finger discount is just one everyday threat you face as a contractor. Then there’s fire, hail and wind. Oh my!

Making matters worse, protecting both yourself and your clients isn’t always easy. However, it can be when you add Builder’s Risk Insurance to your toolbelt.

Still not sure if you should make the investment? Maybe you’re even wondering why you need Builder’s Risk Insurance? Here are four benefits that come from this extra coverage according to Kyle Swinicki, a Construction Risk Services Account Executive with SilverStone Group.

Kyle Swinicki headshot

Kyle Swinicki, Construction Risk Services Account Executive with SilverStone Group

Who’s at fault? Wonder no longer.

Accidents happen. Life happens. Sometimes 💩 just hits the fan. It’s inevitable.

The worst thing that could come next is finger pointing or blame shifting. Unfortunately, that seems to be inevitable, too. If only the subcontractor had better secured materials, theft could have been avoided. If only your team member was more careful, damage never would have happened. If only, if only, if only …