Top 5 episodes from Buildertrend’s podcast, “The Building Code”

Whoa. A year sure goes by fast when you’re having a blast.

That’s just how long “The Building Code” has been around. Yep, we’re celebrating our first birthday. And what a one-derful year it’s been!

What started as a small idea to engage our customers has grown to 57 content-rich episodes – each one filled with industry tips and tricks. We’ve heard success stories from current clients, quick wins from our support teams and even taken a deep dive into the award-winning culture here at Buildertrend HQ.

It’s a podcast made by us for you. A labor of love from the personalities behind each episode. That would be our two hosts – Paul Wurth, Buildertrend evangelist, and Tom Houghton, director of production. Oh, and don’t forget about podcast producer Kayleigh Oxford, the one behind the scenes who makes the whole thing come to life.

So, whip out the birthday cake, streamers and balloons because it’s time to party!

In Building Code fashion, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by sharing great content with our great listeners. That’s why we’re listing our favorite top five episodes during the first year of production, and we’re starting at the start …

The one where we learn how Buildertrend came to be

The story of Buildertrend: A talk with founders Dan Houghton, Steve Dugger and Jeff Dugger

This is where it all began. Episode one. A favorite among employees both old and new.

We kicked things off with our three co-founders – Dan Houghton, Steve Dugger and Jeff Dugger.  Together, they share the company’s story. Fun fact: We were founded in a basement. But now we’re 500+ employees strong and the industry standard when it comes to smart tech. How that rapid growth happened is also discussed.

So, what’s the secrets of our founders’ successes? You’ll just have to listen to find out.

The one with the Aussie

Latest and greatest in construction in Australia: Beyond Build Constructions

Buildertrend is a global product available in more than 100 countries. In fact, one of our biggest markets is actually the Land Down Under. With that in mind, We just knew we had to get one of our favorite Australian customers on “The Building Code”.

Enter Jason Economos, director of Beyond Build Constructions.

Jason talks about working with an American company and how Buildertrend helped revolutionize his business – even from thousands and thousands of miles away. For his team, we could be on the other side of the world or just down the road. He’d never know with the level of support our team provides.

The one our customers can’t get enough of

Building science: Matt Risinger

Matt Risinger of Risinger Build is a recognized industry expert, thought leader and the personality behind YouTube’s popular The Build Show. He also happens to be one of our clients.

On this episode, Matt discusses some building science. Nerd out (in the best possible way, of course) and learn whether houses really need to breath or not. Plus, he shares about his successes and how Buildertrend was a game changer for him.

This is one of the most popular episodes with our customers – and us.

The one highlighting the culture that can’t be beat

Improving work culture with Rob Carlisle: Carlisle Classic Homes

Culture is a big thing to Buildertrend. We strive to be the best workplace in Omaha – and were even named just that for the second year in a row. So, we feel a kinship for customers who value culture, too.

On this episode of “The Building Code”, Rob Carlisle, owner of Carlisle Classic Homes, speaks to the award-winning work environment he built at his company and the reasons he chose Buildertrend as his project management software. He’s also a proud Buildertrend University graduate, meaning he got to witness our own acclaimed culture over two days of courses at our headquarters.

The one who quit then came back

I quit Buildertrend with Ryan Hay Oakman Building Company

Sometimes you don’t know a good thing until it’s gone. For Ryan Hay, owner of Oakman Building Company, that good thing was Buildertrend.

On “The Building Code”, he shares how he cancelled his subscription, only to sign back up seven months later. He was determined to do Buildertrend right this time and make the most of our software.

The second time around, Hay found key takeaways to optimize his usage. By appearing on our podcast, he hopes to share some of those takeaways with other customers.

Here’s to year one and the many more to come

It’s been a year of learning and laughs. Tip and trends. Great hosts and even better guests.

But we’re just getting started. Year one was unforgettable, but there’s tons more content coming your way soon. So, be sure to subscribe to “The Building Code” anywhere you get your podcasts and follow us along on this journey.

Or, if you’re interested in being featured on an upcoming episode, contact us at

Happy listening, friends ?

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