Tips for motivating your construction team

Effective leaders motivate people to perform. A company leader is responsible for motivating people to put out more effort and encourage them to go above and beyond the minimum requirements. So, how do you go about doing this? You can start by learning about your employees, if you don’t know enough about them already, and then using that information to motivate them to do their best work.

Another important step? Realizing that your employees are different than you. What motivates you might not motivate them. Your employees have different backgrounds, interests, life experiences, beliefs, goals, etc. They are different from each other and they are different from you. You can’t expect them to do things the same as you and with the same intensity and enthusiasm because they aren’t you. It is your job to discover your employees’ differences, what makes them tick and help them achieve their goals so you can reach your own business goals.

Have you ever considered that the motivational issue might be you? *gasp* Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s your responsibility to motivate your staff! One of your most important responsibilities is to encourage and motivate your people to perform with energy, effort and enthusiasm so they will go beyond where you want them to go. Try following these four steps to help with this:

Provide clear expectations, always.
There is no assuming that people automatically understand what you want them to do and the expectations that go along with. Your employees need to know exactly what you want them to do and the results that you want them to achieve. Telling people to work hard and try their best on something is not enough either … you have to specifically state what end results you want. Be specific with clear targets, state what is acceptable and what isn’t, and lay out the consequences for not achieving the results you want and rewards for a job well done.

Try giving regular recognition and praise.
Providing ongoing recognition and praise to your employees is a game changer. Ineffective managers don’t take the time to thank people for a job well done. Whether they know it or not, people want and need feedback and positive reinforcement for their efforts. So make it a regular thing to provide this to all of your employees for best results.

Provide a clear understanding of the big picture.
To stay motivated, employees need you to lay out the big picture for them. Or in other words, they need a clear understanding of the company, the employees, customers, projects. etc., and they need to know how they fit into all of it. Be open with employees about the positives, the negatives, the company’s vision, the goals and the changes that need to happen. By letting everyone in on what’s happening, it stops employees from jumping to conclusions and expecting the worst. Maybe try holding regular meetings where the big picture can be discussed and questions can be answered.

Make sure your company attitude is positive and encouraging.
Where would any company be without its hardworking employees? Not only should every company care about their employees as individuals but every company should work on letting them know that. Employees want to know that you care about their personal goals, future, personal development and even their families. They want to know they will be listened to and they have some say in the future of the company.

Hopefully, by following these simple guidelines, you will get your employees to want to do the job, stay motivated and enjoy working for you and your company.

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